How Well Do You Know Canadian History?

How Well Do You Know Canadian History?
Have you lived in Canada all your life, or recently started studying its history? Whatever the reason for your interest in this country, its culture and history are difficult to fully master. With our test, you can check your level of knowledge!

In 1855, who were beat for invading a brothel and thrashing firemen in Toronto?





What did Edward Arthur Wilson establish on Vancouver Island in the 1920s?

The first unofficial Planned Parenthood

A spiritual community where he was a mystic

A church where New Catholics could seek refuge from Roman Catholics

A new line of clothing that would show women off in a way disapproved by most

When is Thanksgiving celebrated in Canada?

The second Monday in October

November 24

October 9

Fourth Thursday in November

On July 7, 1969, what happened in the government as far as language is concerned?

French was given equality to English

Over 1000 slang words were added to the dictionary

The Iroquois were given their own copy of the constitution in their language

All documents were translated into Spanish

What does A Mari Usque Ad Mare mean?

From sea to sea

Coast to coast

What reaction did Canada have to the US invasion during the War of 1812?

Halted all trading of maple syrup for 100 years

Captured hundreds of PoWs

Threatened to build a wall

Burn down the White House

What was Canada called before it became "Canada" in 1867?


New Found Land

British North America

New France

Who do scientists believe came to Canada as original natives over 10,000 years ago?

Native Americans from the South

Icelandic people


The French

Joe Shuster fought for the rights to what famous figure?


Uncle Sam

The Royal Mounted Police Uniformed Model


Why was Jennie Trout ridiculed?

She fought with the men in World War II

She was the first teacher in Canada who taught after getting married

She was the first women licensed to practice medicine in Canada

She was the first known lesbian in Canada

A group of immigrants from what country flooded Canada in the 1850s and left many children in need of adoption after a sickness took their parents on the voyage?

The US




This Canadian was born to an Amazon woman, he is known as the strongest man in history.

Eugen Sandow

Louis Cyr

Ben Weider

Edouard Beaupre

What did the Winnipeg Falcons do before winning the first gold medal in Olympic hockey?

Enjoyed casual golf before it was a popular sport

Played basketball against other high schools

Owned a bakery

Fought in the First World War

What did Joseph Tyrrell find in Alberta's Badlands that ended up being one of the largest deposits in the world?


Dinosaur bones


Ancient Calligraphy

Which tree is seen as the Tree of Great Peace, a sign of unity of the nations of the Haudenosaunee confederacy?

Furwood Tree

Oak Tree

White Pine Tree

Maple Tree

Legend has it that for each mile of the CP Railroad built, one Chinese man died...why?

It was so hot in the caves, they had heat strokes

They were beaten by the French Canadians for not trying

They were Irish, not Chinese

The nitroglycerine used was that dangerous

What did Laura Secord do that puts her in history books?

Rescued 50 men as a nurse during the Battle of 1812

Takes a journey to warn Canadian Mohawks of an American attack

Hid a village of Mohawk women and children from the Americans

Stood up for women's rights by starting many petitions

Which of the following statements is most often associated with Canada's Constitution?

We the people, for the people, by the people

Peace, order and good government

Liberty and Justice for all

A mare usque ad mari

How did Thomas D'Arcy McGee die?

He fell down a flight of stairs

He was assassinated

He had a heart attack

He drowned

During the Battle of Queenston Heights, how many Grand River Warriors held the Americans back while waiting for reinforcements?





A Canadian animal in London was the source of inspiration for which author?

Peter Rabbit

Winnie the Pooh

Canterbury Tales

Charlotte's Web

Which book was written by a Canadian and set in Canada?

On the Road

Anne of Green Gables

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

To Kill A Mockingbird

Which life-saving medical treatment was created by Canadians?

Open heart surgery

Blood pressure tablets


Bone marrow transplants

Canadian James Naismith invented which sport?

Roller Derby



Ice Hockey

Which two groups formed the Royal Canadian Mounted Police?

Dominion Police and the Royal Police

The Mounted Police simply progressed

Royal Police and the Mounted Police

Mounted Police and the Dominion Police

Who settled in Canada in AD 1000?

The French

No one

The Iroquois

The Vikings

The word Canada comes from the word Kanata which means...?

New Life

Maple Leaf



What important thing happened in Canada February 15, 1965?

The rules of ice hockey were officially announced

John Diefenberger left office

Canada adopted its country's red maple leaf flag

Lester B. Pearson entered the office

What convinced British Columbia to join the Confederation?

World War II

The Quiet Revolution

The promise that equal rights in Canada would trump the US

The promise of the transcontinental railroad

What did Terry Fox do that inspired the world one year before his death?

Rescued a busload of kids he drove by on the way to work

Ran over halfway across Canada as an amputee

Fought in every war Canada was involved in during his lifetime

Stood up for civil rights, despite being white

Who helped start the civil rights movement in Canada after discrimination in a movie theater?

Viola Desmond

Mary Ann Shad

Delos Davis

Rosa Parks

What abusive fate did Chanie Wenjack face that led to his death?

The Canadian Residential School System

Life in federal prison

Being held captive by terrorists for months

Life as a refugee

Who were the "boat people"?

Just people who own boats in Montreal

Vietnamese refugees

Monsters who haunted the lakes in Canadian folklore

Fishermen in the 1970s

Who was the original prime minister of Canada?

Alexander Mackenzie

John Thompson

John Abbot

Sir John A. Macdonald

Which year were women in Canada given the right to vote?





Who was hanged by the Canadian government for wanting to preserve Métis rights?

Gabriel Dumont

Louis Riel

Louis-Honore Frechette

George-Etienne Cartier

Which war convinced Canada to unite their leaders and form a northern federation?

World War II

North-West Rebellion

The Civil War

Fenian Raids

Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon, but who was the first Canadian in space?

Chris Hatfield

Roberta Bondar

Ken Money

Marc Garneau

Canada's constitution was patriated from Great Britain in what year?





Back in 1917, a large explosion nearly destroyed a harbour in which city?





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