Sex Quiz for Couples to Take Together

Sex Quiz for Couples to Take Together
The quiz is made for people over the age of 18. Those who share interests, values and free time can be called harmonious couples. Intimate life is very important for a relationship, and our quiz can reveal whether you are a good sexual match for your partner.

Does it happen that having sex you think of other things?

Assess how your desire to make love coincide

How do you feel about role plays?

They attract or don't attract both of us

Sometimes one gives way the other

This is a sore subject for us, every time - offenses and fights

Sometimes it hurts or you're uncomfortable when having sex

Assess the egoism of your partner

How does it start?

Quickly - we understand each other at a glance

Sometimes it takes too long for one of us

One coaxes another long

If your partner suggests you his fantasy, your reaction...

How often do you enjoy sex?

All the time!

It depends


Does it happen that you blame each other in sex gone wrong?

Sometimes you punish each other by having sex or its absence

Asses how much the touches of your other half are pleasant for you

How do you feel after having sex?

Great, satisfied, relaxed

Embarrassed and ambiguous

Tired and sad

Does your partner turn you on?

Do you know how to please your partner?

Yes, I'm a pro


I often don't understand what he/she wants

You had thoughts about cheating

A perfect match for you

Sex for you is a way to get intimacy and pleasure for both. You're able to discuss sex with the partner, open up and help to open your beloved one. You're going the right way! Share the quiz with your partner, let him answer the questions too :)

You fit each other pretty well

We can't say that you are perfectly harmonious in sex, but you're still able to have pleasure and help each other in it. Probably, you don't like some moments, but your sex is pretty good! If you're discontented with your intimate relations, a joint visit to sexologist will be a good way out. Share the quiz with your partner, let him answer the questions too :)

You have to talk

Based on your answers, something badly embarrasses you or your partner in your sexual relations. Probably, you haven't managed to discuss everything. A sexologist's consultation for your couple will help you to learn more about each other and find your intimate compromise. Share the quiz with your partner, let him answer the questions too :)