Shall Elon Take You To Mars? Let's Find Out!

Shall Elon Take You To Mars? Let's Find Out!
The journey will be long, dangerous, and full of challenges. Are you talented enough to join us on this mission? Let's find out!

What is your favorite color?

Casual Red

Mysterious Red

Playful Red

Solid Red

How many friends do you have on Earth?

You are sitting in the rocket preparing for a launch and someone tells you that tomorrow your favorite band is giving the last live concert. Your reaction:

Sad, but I have a mission.

Mars is cool, but I have something to do here.

What are you talking about? I don't even have a favorite band!


What can we expect from you in a critical situation?

I will follow the instructions like a robot

I will do what my intuition tells me

I will listen to the captain

I am the captain!

If you took a decision you never look back

On your 200th day on Mars all that is left of the food is potatoes and lettuce. You:

On your 500th days on Mars you are offered to travel back home to your friend and family. What would you do?

Back Home

Stay on Mars

Come on board!

You are a perfect candidate for the expedition! You are smart, resourceful, and not afraid of difficulties. Take your seat and fasten the belts. We are going! Share this quiz with friends, let's check if they can join us too!

You Are Needed At Home

We cannot take you to Mars, but you have so many things to do on Earth. Career, family & other Earth stuff are much better for you than the Red Planet.  Share this quiz with your friends to see if they stay with you!