Shoe Logo Quiz: How Well Do You Know Shoe Brands?

Shoe Logo Quiz: How Well Do You Know Shoe Brands?
How well do you know the universe of Nike, Crocs, and Asics? Hundreds of brands surround us every day leaving the names, logos, and slogans bouncing around in our minds. Check how many famous shoe logos you can identify! 

What brand does accompany its products with the writing "Off the wall"?

"Vans" is a company, "off the wall" serves as the motto of the company and all skaters. It has an exclamatory meaning like "off we go"!

What name does this logo hide?

ASICS is one of the world's most authoritative brands, it is one of the big five industry manufacturers.





What brand did launch one of the most popular model of running shoes Trackster in 1960?

This line first had ripple sole. In addition, every size has models with different sole width. For that moment, no company could offer it.

What brand's logo does represent a croco?

Crocs - a footwear manufacturing company. It's called this way because of using a special polymer — Croslite.




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What brand is world-known for its sole?

The distinctive feature of Louboutin shoes is the red sole of shoes. Exotic kinds of leather, Swarovski crystals, hand-made lace are used in shoe models. The products of Louboutin are used in the collections of Jean-Paul Gaultier, Balmain, Jeremy Scott, Chloe, Givenchy, Diane von Fürstenberg and other haute couture and pret-a-porter masters.

What brand did Princess Diana speak highly of?

Jimmy Choo is a Malaysian shoe designer, the founder of Jimmy Choo Ltd. He became popular thanks to the shoe line of Daniel and Diana's flattering review of his work.

What does Air Jordan logo represent?

A name brand developed by US company Nike for legendary basketball player Michael Jordan, also known as Jordans.

A basketball ball

A basketball player

Michael Jordan

Number 23

How does Sperry logo look like?

In 1935, Paul Sperry became the first who made shoes for yachtsmen. The new shoes took into account every detail: genuine leather didn't soak, the relief sole didn't slip thanks to a special pattern, and its white color didn't leave marks on the deck. These were topsiders that made Sperry Top-Sider company successful across the world and grew into everyday fashion.

Which of these brands is not American?

The Clarks brand founded in 1825 by two brothers is one of the biggest shoe manufacturers in the UK and has over 2200 stores and departments across the world.


What color is missing on the logo?

Dr Martens is the shoe line of AirWair Ltd company. Since entering the market it achieved the international iconic status.

Which of these brands was initially designed as shoes for surfers?

The style of sheepskin shoes was created by an Australian surfer Shane Stedman. He designed shoes for warming feet after surfing in the cold water of Australia.





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Yes, you know the brands of Nike and Puma. But who doesn't? Probably, there is yet another couple of brands you remember just because you like their products. But you fail to recognize the logos of less popular companies, which flash across TV screens and shopwindows not every day. Only imagine, how many things you are about to open - from unique models to brilliant designers! Share the quiz with friends, let's check their knowledge!

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Well done! Of course, you know the brands of Nike and Puma, but you also easily recognize even the logos of less popular companies, which flash across TV screens and shopwindows not every day. You know so many things about existing brands, their history and creators, that we're left to wonder where do you get all this information! Share the quiz with friends, let's check their knowledge!