QUIZ: Should I Be A Doctor? Personality Test

QUIZ: Should I Be A Doctor? Personality Test
Have you considered becoming a doctor? It's prestigious and important but requires years of study, patience, and diligence. If you're considering this career, take this quiz and find out whether medicine is your vocation!

Friday tonight. Everyone is having fun, and your friends ask you out to the pub. What are your plans?

Of course, I'm in!

Well, probably, no. I have other things to do

Are you kidding? I'll cram all night long

What subjects at school did you consider the most interesting ones?

Physics, math

Chemistry, biology

Literature, social studies

How do you think, why do people choose the profession of a doctor?

Helping people are their vocation

A big salary

They're interested in science

How do you feel about night working?

And what about working early in the morning?

What are your plans for this weekend?

I'll go out with friends

I'll stay home, watch a film, read a book

I'll study, I'm behind a little

Can you make decisions quickly?

No, I need to consult everyone first

If it's necessary, I can. But, generally, I tend to deliberate

Yes, of course. There's no other way

How do you feel about communication with a lot of people at work?

Are schedule and planning important to you?

Yes, otherwise there will be chaos

No, flexibility is the recipe for success

How many years can you spend on studies?

What does come to mind first when you think about the job of a doctor?

Surgical boots and a stethoscope

Interesting cases of diseases

Respect and honor

Is it important for a person to have at least minimal knowledge of biology?

Yes, to know how his/her body works

No, there is no use

Yes, to be able to render aid if necessary

Doctor is vocation

You'll make a great doctor since you take a genuine interest in the arrangement of the body, its functions, and everything related. You can spend days flipping through biology or anatomy books. This zeal is worthy of praise. Besides, you have no communication problems, which is very important when in contact with the patient. Your heart always tries to help everyone who needs it, that's why there's just the one way for you - to medicine! Tell your friends about the quiz. Perhaps, they're also interested in this occupation!

Medicine is waiting for you

You're interested in the arrangement of the body, its functions and everything related. You flip through biology or anatomy books with delight and can saturate yourself in these subjects, however, you take an interest rather in someone abstract, than in a particular person with his complaints. In other words, you're rather a scientist, researcher than an attending physician. But medicine is the right way, indeed! Tell your friends about the quiz. Perhaps, they're also interested in this occupation!

Doctor? No, thanks

It seems you can't help but yawn just thinking about lab coats, heaps of biology and anatomy textbooks, and years at the university. Even prestige and importance of the occupation won't help here since it doesn't matter to you. Most likely, you should think about changing the field since medicine and you are too far apart. Pay attention to something else - creativity or exact sciences - there you'll be able to show your worth! Tell your friends about the quiz. Perhaps, they're also interested in this occupation!