Should I Change My Job?

2019-02-25 21:25:08
Should I Change My Job?

Often we get accustomed to our job so much that we continue to endure different inconveniences in the form of a despot boss, difficult relationships in the team, dissatisfaction from salary and others. Unfortunately, not everybody is doing what he feels good. Perhaps, the time of changes has come and you should think about changing your job? Take the test and find out.

How do you usually wake up for work?

Could your colleagues manage without you?

I think they even won’t notice my absence

I’m an integral part of the collective, but work won’t stop without me

The whole company’s work will come to a standstill without me

Do you feel annoyed at work?

Of course, stressful situations are unavoidable but the main thing is the result of done work

Yes, there are unsuccessful workdays

All the time

How do you evaluate your relationship with the collective?

Is it easy for you to handle tasks set at work?

Easy, sometimes it seems I outgrew my job

Sometimes I have to work hard but this adds a greater impetus to solve all problems effectively

The performance of my work decreased much

How do you evaluate your responsibility before the company?

I realize the responsibility for my own work, I cannot get colleagues into trouble

I cannot name myself irresponsible, but sometimes I may do personal business at work

Frankly speaking, I’m not a very responsible employee

Does it happen that your boss raises his voice at you?

All the time

Very rarely and only when I deserve it

Never, this is unacceptable in our company

How often was you sick within the last year?

Rarely. I have all weaknesses on my feet at the office

Sometimes. I had to take sick days a couple of times

All the time. Now cold, then stomach

How often are your ideas supported at work?

Very rarely. Sometimes they even make fun of them.

Sometimes the management listens to me.

The management and colleagues often seek for my advice or a new idea

Do you dream of moving up the career ladder?

Recently I was promoted

 The main thing is the increased salary

No, thanks, I don't need it

Do you believe in your company?

Certainly, this is the best company in its field

This is not the worst company

I'm afraid it cannot achieve high output

Change your job ASAP

Why don't you listen to your inner voice and didn't quit the job yet? To feel constant stress at work and go to it as to a forced-labor camp? Did you dream about it? You shouldn't be afraid of changing the job since losing the rest of nerve cells at it is not the best outcome. Believe that a chance of new career and financial horizons at a new job is very high.

Perhaps, you should search in parallel with your job

Certainly, you have not the worst conditions of labor, but if you think about the job change, try to look for a new option in parallel with the current job. And if the right choice comes up, change your job with no doubts. And if no, you'll be sure that you're in the right place.

You have a great job

It's so nice when a job feels good. You are a lucky person who is doing a thing that he likes. You take your place, colleagues and management respect you. You're a valuable employee who always performs his work for the full 100%. Congrats!