Can We Guess if You Even Want To Get Married?

Can We Guess if You Even Want To Get Married?
Thoughts of a gorgeous dress, a knight in shining armour, and a beautiful wedding come to everyone's mind sooner or later. However, some freeze in expectation, while others try to put it out of their mind. To finally reveal whether you are ready for marriage, answer the questions, and find out the answer!

Wedding for you is

A moment than the couple understands that this is serious

Something any relationship should result in

A grand celebration everyone spends a lot of money on

If one of your friends starts talking about her wedding, what do you feel?

What is the main thing in men in your opinion?



Sociability and sense of humor

When one of your relatives starts the talk with the phrase "Isn't it time for you", you think...

It's time! High time!

Maybe, it is….

That's enough!

To start a family you need...

To be 100% confident in your partner

To be ready to move to the next level

To be ready to say farewell to your normal life

The relationship should end with marriage sooner or later

How do you feel about his drawbacks and weird habits?

It pisses me off when he doesn't wash his dishes

These are not drawbacks but peculiarities

I tell him about them all the time. It seems I have to accept it

Did you think about the details of your wedding?

Of course! I have a clear plan

No, of course. Why should I need it?

Not yet, only in general

How much time do you usually spend with your beloved one?

We're together day and night

We date a couple of times a week

Less than I wish

How often do you show initiative and independence when solving important questions?

I can't wait for the wedding

You've started thinking about your wedding long ago - you've already decided on the guest list, chosen the dress and rings, come up with decorations. You often discuss the details of the celebration with your gals and dream about the honeymoon. Everything should be perfect and thought out to detail at your wedding. This is what you're doing right now. You're completely ready for sealing your bond by the marriage and you aren't afraid of taking such a serious and important step. All you need is just to find the only one! Tell the gals about your result, discuss dresses and guests!

You may wait for a little

You're definitely ready for a long and serious relationship. And you believe that wedding is its logical continuation, one of the major events in your life. However, you shiver at the thought of having a shared everyday life, spending so much time together and taking responsibility. Probably, you just need to wait for a little until this important step stops scaring you. Tell the gals about your result, dream about the wedding dress together!

No marriage, please

You're sure that a good thing cannot be called marriage. That's why your idea of wedding and marriage is a far cry from pink teddy dreams about happiness and endless love. You're aware of the importance and responsibility of this step, sometimes you are too critical. Frankly speaking, you don't fully understand why you need to sign a marriage license and go to Civil Registry Office, if you can live happily ever after without these formalities. Tell the gals about your result, let's find out what they think about wedding!