Can You ACE This Tennis Rules Trivia Quiz?

Can You ACE This Tennis Rules Trivia Quiz?
Are you a beginner at tennis? Do you regularly work out at the tennis club? Do you periodically take part in lawn tennis? Take our quiz to make sure that you know the rules of the game well.

How much time is given to come to the court when you're called for the match?

Later, the absence and loss are announced.

5 minutes

10 minutes

15 minutes

20 minutes

How is a hit high above the hitter's head called?

A smash in tennis is a shot that is hit above the hitter's head with a serve-like motion.



Drive volley


What opportunities do you have when serving the ball?

Democracy reigns on the tennis court.

To address the ref in the tower for his explanations

To ask for calling the main judge (or a person who replaces it) in case of a wrong use or interpretation of the laws of the game by the judge while not starting the drawing of the next point.

To ask to replace the balls unfit for use

All the answers are right

Where is the Roland Garros championship held?

This is one of the four tournaments of Roland Garros, which are held in Paris.

In the US

In Australia

In France

In England

Backhand is...

This is a stroke from the side convenient for the player.

A stroke from the right for a right-hander and from the left for a left-hander

Short serving

A stroke on the fly

A stroke next to the net

What score does take place after 30?

Every game starts with 0-0. If the setter wins the serving, the score is 15-0, if he loses - 0-15. The next serving goes to 30, then 40.





When should the players change their sides without a break?

Changing sides without a break is strictly regulated, the judge cannot have an impact on it.

After the 1st game of every set

During tie break

By the judge's decision

The 1st and 2nd answers are correct

What are the players forbidden to do during a tournament?

All these things should be prohibited, not only on the court.

Swear words, physical or verbal abuse

Tossing the racket, the ball (a dangerous or rash striking of the ball within the court). Leaving the court without the judge's permission, refusing from continuing the game (except when a player cannot finish the match physically).

Waste of property; giving pointers on the part of the coach or player's representative; unsporting behaviour

All the answers are right

A player who earned 10 and more penalty points during 52 weeks is excluded from participation in the Russian Tennis Tour tournaments (disqualification) for

You have to take a rest for a week

One tournament

2 weeks

6 months

4 weeks

How many games do you need to win to win the set?

The advantage should be at least 2 games.





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