Assinger's questionnaire for the identification of the attitudes to aggression

Assinger's questionnaire for the identification of the attitudes to aggression
Aggression is often the result of destructive reactions toward people, objects, or events. Do you easily fly off the handle, or are you able to find your cool? Find out how aggressive your reactions might be perceived with this test!

I tend to look for the ways to make peace after a conflict at work.




In a critical situation, I…

Stay as calm as possible

Feel anger rising inside me

Lose my temper

My co-workers think that I am…

a friendly person

a calm and not jealous person

Self-confident and jealous

If offered a position that involves responsibility I would

Agree without hesitation

Accept the offer with certain worries

Say no. My calmness is important

One of your co-workers took a piece of paper from your table. You…

demand to put it back

ask if he needs anything else

give him a dressing-down

You partner is late from work. What will you say?

I was so worried

Where the hell have you been?

What delayed you?

You’re driving. Suddenly, another car is overtaking yours. What will you do?

I’ll try to overtake it

I’ll drive so fast, so no one can overtake me

I don’t care

I think that views and judgements about life are…



Extremely tough

When I can’t deal with something, I…

Think twice the next time

Give up

Try to blame someone else

When I read articles about adolescent immorality, I think:

It’s time to forbid such things!

We should create conditions for cultural and organized rest

Why on Earth do we pay so much attention to them?

Someone was promoted instead of you, although you wanted that position. What are your thoughts?

Well, I might be more lucky next time

Apparently, that face of his is more pleasant for our dear boss

Why was I wasting my nerves on that?

When I’m watching I horror movie, I…


Get real pleasure

Am scared

If I’m late for an important meeting because of traffic jam, I will…

try to please the business partners

be nervous until the end of the meeting

be sad

Which of these phrases reflects your attitude toward doing sport most?

I like feeling young and energetic

I’m so angry if I lose

I always try to win, to be the first

If the sales associate was bad, I would…

ask to see the manager

tolerate his behavior and avoid conflicts

make a remark

If someone starts bullying my child at school, I will…

talk to counselor

make a scandal

advise him to fight back

I am


simple and ordinary

a go-getter

If my co-worker accidentally hits me with a door, I will say:

Hey, could you be a bit more attentive?

No worries, pal

It was my fault

When I seen teen hooligans, I think that…

Police should take actions to deal with such people

It’s the blame of their parents. Should have punished them more

They get a bad influence at school

If I was reincarnated into an animal, I would be…

a tiger or a cheetah

a bear

a domestic cat

Global peace

You are a peace-loving person! Perhaps, such a nature is the result of your lack of confidence, absence of belief in your own possibilities and strength. It doesn’t necessarily means that people can command you or difficulties will break you. However, a bit of decisiveness won’t hurt! What result will your friends get? Share this test to find out!

Moderate aggression

You are a moderately aggressive person. However, you live a happy life, because you have enough self-confidence and are full of ambitions. Manipulating you is not an easy task! You’re ready to stand your ground, when you are confident that you’re right. That’s why we can state that your nature is perfectly balanced between peace and aggression. What result will your friends get? Share this test to find out!

Strong aggression

You are an extremely aggressive person. Moreover, you can be cruel or show hostility toward other people. You are willing to build a successful career using your own vicious methods and plan to reach your goals sacrificing interests of other people. What result will your friends get? Share this link to find out!