The Belbin's Team Roles Test

The Belbin's Team Roles Test
Every person has a role in the team. One person generates ideas, the others see them through! Take this test to find out your strengths in a team.

In opinion, how can you help the team?

I think that I can easily see new prospects and use them for team’s benefit

I can work with different people

My natural skill is to generate ideas

My ability is to detect people who are like a breath of fresh air in the team

My ability to stick to the plan until the end is tightly related to my high efficiency at work

I am ready to express unpopular opinion and be disliked for that, if it brings the necessary result in the end

Usually I have a clear feeling what can be realistic for the task and actually work

I can suggest a reasonable idea or alternative option without being biased

What are your weakness when working in a team?

I won’t feel relaxed until our gathering is thoroughly prepared and successfully organized

I have a tendency to be loyal to the others, especially to those people who have reasonable opinion but never show off

I have a tendency to be talkative when the group starts discussing new ideas

My objectivity makes it difficult for me to easily join my co-workers with enthusiasm

I might be seen as a rigid and authoritative person, especially if there’s something that should be done

I find it hard to be at the front line of leadership: perhaps, I am too sensitive to the atmosphere in a team

I have a tendency to get carried away with the ideas that come to my mind. As a result, I can’t follow the discussion

My co-workers want me to be worried about details and the possible wrong choices and actions

When you are working on the project with other people:

I have an ability to influence their opinions without pressure

My typical vigilance helps me to prevent failures and mistakes that occur due to lack of attentiveness

I am ready to demand people doing something in order to make sure we aren’t wasting time and still follow our goals

Other people can be sure that I will bring something unique and original

I am always ready to support a great idea for the benefit of the team

I’m looking for the most modern solutions and ideas

I guess that my ability to think straight can help us to make the right decision

People can rely on me in the question of organizing their work

What’s your typical approach to a teamwork?

I’m interested to learn my co-workers better

I never fight if my point of view is not supported by the majority

I’m capable of finding logical arguments and correctly behave in order to prove that some ideas are unreasonable

I just have a talent to make everything work, as soon as we make a plan

I have a tendency to avoid obvious things and suggest unusual ideas

I constantly work to improve my results

I’m ready to find valuable contacts outside office walls

I’m interested in different points of view, while I have doubts in mine

You are satisfied with your work because:

I like to analyze different options, to compare ideas, to look for alternatives

I’m interested in finding the practical ways to solve the problems

I like to feel my responsibility for creating highly efficient working process

I can make a strong influence when it comes to making decisions

I can get along with people who propose new ideas

I can convince people to agree on doing the necessary actions

I feel that my attention is focused on the activity where I might set a task

I like finding the area where I have to brainstorm and let my imagination free

What if you were assigned a difficult task with a limited time and a group of unknown people to help?

I would feel like a person who retreats into a corner in order to find a way out of labyrinth. Then, I would think on my behavior

I would be ready to work with people who showed the most positive attitude

I would find a way to divide the whole task into small pieces and assign each person to deal with a part of the whole task

My natural feeling of extreme necessity would ensure me that we could finish the work on time

I guess that I would keep my cool and ability to think straight

I would be still trying to achieve the goal despite the pressure

I would be ready to become a leader of the group, if they can’t do the work on their own

I would suggest discussing the ideas and looking for new techniques in order to make progress

When working in a team and thinking of the problems you have to deal with, you see that:

I have a tendency to express my discontent if some people are slowing down the progress of our work

Perhaps, other people criticize me for my excessive analytical attitude and lack of intuition

My demand to ensure that the work is properly done can be followed by the actions

I tend to be a little bit annoying and rely on one or two team members who can encourage and inspire me

I find it difficult to start working until the aims are unclear

Sometimes I’m not able to explain the complicated things that come to my mind

I realize that I want other people to do the tasks that I cannot perform

I have no courage to share my ideas if the opposing opinion is supported by majority and quite reasonable


It is team member who expresses the essence of the group, because the goals of the Implementer are identical to the goals of the team. Often, the Implementer is that person who performs the tasks that others don’t always want to perform. The Implementer systematically creates plans and effectively implements them. The role of the Implementer is the organization of work of the team. He may have a lack of flexibility and dislikes untested ideas. What role will your friends play in the team? Share this test with them to find out!


This person organizes the work of the team and the use of resources in accordance with the group goals. The Specialist has a clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the team and aims to use the potential of each team member to its maximum. The Specialist may not be a brilliant thinker, but he is good at leading people. The Specialist’s main personal trait is strong dominance and dedication to group goals. The Specialist is a calm, non-fussy, self-disciplined, encouraging and supportive person when he is a team leader. The Specialist’s management style is to accept the contributions made to the team and evaluate them in accordance with the team's goals. What role will your friends play in the team? Share this test with them to find out!


This person is a skillful manager, which management style can be described as ambitious, opportunistic, entrepreneurial. He shapes the team's efforts through setting goals and priorities. The Coordinator believes that winner takes it all. The Coordinator's leadership style is to challenge, motivate and achieve. He is prone to provocation, irritation and impatience. What role will your friends play in the team? Share this test with them to find out!


This is an introverted (focused on his inner world), intelligent, prone to innovation team member. The Plant proposes new ideas, tries to develop them, work on a strategy. He is mostly interested in wider issues that can bring results than to insufficient details, which he rarely notices. The Plant’s style is to bring innovative ideas to the team's work and goals. He tends to be off with the fairies and ignore the details or protocol. What role will your friends play in the team? Share this test with them to find out!

Resource Investigator

It is an extroverted (focused on the outside world), resource-gathering person who can also generate ideas. The Investigator explores and shares ideas, resources and new techniques that are existing outside of the team. He is a natural when socializing and finds useful external contacts for the team. He usually knows how to reconcile the interests of the people with the interest of society. The Investigator usually knows who can help the team in solving problems. The Resource Investigator style is to create a network and collect useful resources for the team. They may lose interest once the initial interest they have disappears. What role will your friends play in the team? Share this test with them to find out!


The Evaluator is objective when it comes to analyzing problems and ideas. Rarely enthusiastic, he defends the team from making impulsive or desperate decisions. The Evaluator's team building style is to objectively analyze and evaluate the team's ideas and decisions. They may lack inspiration or have no ability to motivate others. What role will your friends play in the team? Share this test with them to find out!

Team worker

The Team worker’s role is based on relationships within the members, he supports them. This type is extremely popular among senior managers. The Team worker has a positive effect on a team spirit, improves interpersonal communication and minimizes conflicts in between team members. The team-building style of the Team worker is to maintain relationships within the team. He may be indecisive in critical situations. What role will your friends play in the team? Share this test with them to find out!


The Shaper moves forward and insists on following the plan, working on the project or think about new proposal when the excitement and enthusiasm of the other team members is faded away. The Shaper plans, executes and completes the team's tasks well. He gets annoyed if the team's work is behind schedule and loses satisfaction when the work is not finished. The style of Shapers is to insist people to move forward, to meet deadlines. What role will your friends play in the team? Share this test with them to find out!