Can We Guess What Are You Most Afraid of?

Can We Guess What Are You Most Afraid of?
Everyone experiences fear from time to time. Yet, this feeling can be useful! Our fears allow us to sort out what’s going on in our inner world and to determine what our subconscious hides from us. When you understand what stops you, you will be able to deal with the reasons. Take this test to find out what you are afraid of!

You can give up something because…

No one supports you in it

You don’t know how to act in this situation

Someone is forcing you to do it, but you don’t really want

You think you won’t able to deal with it

What does getting older mean for you?

Staying alone

Something that’s far and unclear

Inability to do what I want

Loss of autonomy

What do you see in your nightmares most often?

Me wandering in a forest

Me standing on the crossroads and unable to choose the path

Me in jail

Me unable to do anything without help

What do usually you write in a birthday wish for a close friend?

I wish you to have a big and friendly family

I wish you to live a sustainable life in order and peace

I wish you to pursue your dreams

I wish you success at work

Are you capable of doing something crazy?

Only if my friends join me

No, never. It’s stupid

Yeah, it sounds cool

Perhaps. I need to know first, how it would influence my reputation

What will you do if you feel lonely?

I’ll invite relatives or friends over

I’ll re-watch my favorite movie

I’ll go to a party

I’ll think about those people who suffer more at this moment

Which job seems perfect for you?

The one with friendly co-workers

A stable job with no unexpected turns of events

The one that I will like

The one that I will be good at

How important is praise for you?

How to get rid of worries?

Discuss them with the loved ones

Think of every possible outcome

Do whatever you want

Control oneself better

What do you think when you see a strangely dressed person?

He might be extremely lonely, if he wants to attract attention that much

I will never be that bold to wear such things

Wow, cool! The guy is trying to express his nature

That looks ridiculous considering his age

Fear of loneliness

Your biggest fear is to stay alone. You are afraid of not getting recognition of the others and being rejected by people. As a result, you are not able to communicate with the closed ones the way you actually want it. Perhaps, the reason if this fear is your previous bad experience or traumatic event. Keep in mind that you are not alone! There are always people around you who are ready to support! What are your friends afraid of? Share this test to find out!

Fear of unknown

Your biggest fear is to stay in unknown and uncertain situation or environment, which can lead to unpredictable outcomes. As a result, you find it hard to make a choice, especially when it comes to big changes and important decisions. Your head becomes filled with all kinds of unpleasant outcomes. We recommend you to make a pause, breathe out deeply and think about all possibles mistakes, make a plan of your actions. What are your friends afraid of? Share this test with them to find out!

Fear of losing freedom

You value your freedom and possibility to do anything you want more than everything else. That’s why losing this freedom is your biggest fear. You don’t want to be dependent of anyone or adapt to the interests of other people. As a result, you face problems when trying to build strong relationships full of trust. The mere thought of getting responsibilities and obligations makes you feel uncomfortable. What are your friends afraid of? Share this test to find out!

Fear of losing control

Your biggest fear is to find yourself in a difficult situation and lose control. Seems like you’re used to deal with all problems yourself without asking for help or advice. You think that these requests can have a negative impact on your reputation. In your opinion, asking for help means having a problem that you can’t deal with. What are your friends afraid of? Share this test to find out!