Test Your Analytical Skills With This Quiz

Test Your Analytical Skills With This Quiz
Let's check how well your analytical abilities are developed! Can you find answers to our questions using the logical capabilities of your brain? Good luck! 

There’s an elevator in an 8-story house. 2 persons live on the first floor, 4 persons – on the second, 8 persons – on the third, 16 - on the fourth, 32 – on the fifth, 64 – on the sixth, 128 – on the seventh, 256 – on the eighth. Which button in the levator is pushed more often than the others?

Residents most often go to the first floor.





25 apples grew on a birch. A gardener came and picked 5 of them, neighboring boys stole 7. Then a strong wind blew and 9 apples fell. How many apples are left on the tree?

Apples cannot grow on birches.




If it’s raining at midnight can you expect that it will be sunny in 72 hours?

No, in 72 hours will be midnight again.



A can was put on the edge of the table in such a way that 2/3 of the can hung from the table. After a while the can fell. What was in the can?

Ice melted.

One train is going from A city to B city 10 minutes behind scheduled time, and the other – from B city to A city 20 minutes behind time. What train will be closer to A city when they meet each other?

At the moment of their meeting, they'll be at the same distance from A city.

The train from А city

The train from B city

Depends on their speed

The same

Two glasses are on the table: one with wine, another with water. A spoon of wine was taken from the glass of wine and added to the glass of water. The content of the latter was thoroughly mixed. Then, a spoon from this glass was taken and poured back to the glass of wine. What is more: wine in the glass of water or water in the glass of wine?

The amount of water in the glass of wine is equal to the amount of wine in the glass of water.

Wine in the glass of water

Water in the glass of wine

The same

A house has four walls and all they look south. A bear is coming around the house. What is its color?

There’s only one point where it’s possible. This is the North Pole. Thus, the bear is white.

It can be any color.




In which dsirection is the bus going?

Since there are no doors in the picture, it makes sense to suggest they’re on the opposite side. That’s why the bus is going from right to left.

From left to right

From right to left

A country house was burgled. Neighbor’s testimony, "I heard a noise at the neighbor's and made my way there...". To look into in the house "...I breathed on the iced window and saw chaos inside."”. Why was he arrested after that?

Windows are covered with snow from the inside, and the neighbor was breathing on the window from the outside.

There was no mess in the house

He couldn't melt ice on the window

He was deaf

Nike company faced a problem in Africa – large-scale theft of sports shoes at the place of production. What did they do to decrease thefts to zero without spending money on security?

The company built another factory and started to produce left and right sneakers separately.

They built another factory

They measured the length of all employees' feet

They started to hire employees only upon recommendations

They trained dogs to look for stolen shoes

It’s known that you can throw a boomerang in such a way that it’ll come back. Can you throw a tennis ball to make it come back?

You can. For example, throw it upwards.

I can

I cannot


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