Test Your Associative Thinking by Colors

Test Your Associative Thinking by Colors

The same color combinations can evoke different associations in different people. Analyzing the reaction to colors can tell you a lot about a person, including their character, and worldview. You need to answer these questions quickly, focusing on the first association which occurs to you. 

What color do you like most?

Choose the most beautiful sky

What part of the picture did you first pay attention to?

Left upper

Left lower

Right upper

Right lower


What color combination is the most pleasant one?

A cafe with which sign would you visit on vacation?

Choose the tastiest icecream:

Choose the brightest item

What interior appearance do you like most?

Choose the saddest color

What sneakers do you like?

How do dreams look like?

Choose one option

What drink would you prefer?


People of this type reach for success at any price, they are ready to face difficulties and try to explore the world in all its manifestations. But sometimes these desires come from not from the width of nature but the sense of emptiness, escaping from which a person always has to demonstrate his power: in relationships, career, sport or gambling games. Power is a sign of go aheadism. Action, mobility, solving troublesome problems at whatever the cost - this is the element of these people. They try to take matters in their hands. The people of this type demonstrate themselves brightly - they try to be in the limelight and even focus their own attention on themselves, which stops them from properly assessing a situation. Can you guess the types of your friends? Share the test with them and find out.


People of this type aren't obsessed with jewelry, they prefer calm colors and comfortable cuts in clothes. In the interior finish, they use natural materials, everything close to nature: wood, stone, textiles. They like to collect everything that can be considered and concentrates attention. Because of the immersion into their inner world, they can be characterized by excessive susceptibility, incredulity, and anxiety. They often hide their emotional state from others. If people of this type open to someone, they expect sincerity and understanding in return - that's why they carefully choose partners for relationships. They look for a calm company, with no disagreements, upsets, and concerns. They always try to establish and build family, professional and friend relations in the best way. Before any changes in life, they prefer to weigh all the pros and cons. Can you guess the types of your friends? Share the test with them and find out.


People of this type like to create and change the world around according to their requirements. They're curious about everything: travels, changes, dreams about wonder attract them. They can fix the apartment up just because they are bored. They don't like statics in all its manifestations. Choosing between a common and a new thing, they'll choose the new, unknown thing for sure. They value freedom and independence, which often stops them from building relations with people. The people of energy are afraid of the sense of emptiness. They're always ready to help loved ones out and easily ask for help. In work, they prefer partner relationships rather than the boss-employee scheme. Choosing clothes, people of Yellow type don't want to look like the others. They are known for noticeable narcissism, like to make an impression.  Can you guess the types of your friends? Share the test with them and find out.


People of this type reach after material stability more than others. They appreciate what has a status value: a car, a house, a wife, friends, a tie. They can reach it with very tough measures: reaching after power, manipulation, flatness, criticism. They can demonstrate their superiority in different ways: care, mercy, expression of interest. They have a special proneness to religious exactitude and analytical thinking. They are proud of themselves and their ability to manage events. They often require to recognize their merits and expect that other people will treat their world of values and lifestyle with respect. They aim to protect their close ones from any miseries and dangers. They are afraid of appearing weak. They prefer conservatism in clothes and the first button buttoned up. Obviously, they look very reserved. Can you guess the types of your friends? Share the test with them and find out.