Test Your C++ Knowledge – Intermediate Level

Test Your C++ Knowledge – Intermediate Level
С++ is an Object-Oriented programming language, which holds a stable place as the most popular programming language. The quiz includes questions to check your knowledge at a Middle level. Are you ready? Let's go!

What is conjunction?

Logical addition

Logical multiplication

A function to process strings

Does encapsulation exist in С++?



How many times is the cycle executed?



The cycle is infinite

Is there multiple inheritance in С++?



What is an abstract method?

A class method with abstract fields

A class method, implementation for which doesn't exist

An abstract class method

What do you need to work with files?

Nothing, there's work with files in the standard library

The file library

The fstream header file

What's the other name of logical negation?




Does the notion of interface of interface exist in С++?



What does the override keyword mean?

A virtual method, which redefines the virtual method of the basic class

A class, which is inherited from the abstract one

A property, which can take on several values

How do you declare a list of values of int type named num?

list num;

list num;

collection num;

What is refactoring?

A process of changing the onternal structure of the program without changing its external behavior and designed to simplify the understanding of its work

The same as compilation

The deletion of unused classes, functions and variables

For what is the continue operator used in a cycle?

It allows the work to continue after the use of the return operator

It allows the work of the program to continue in case of error or exception

It allows going to the end of the body, passing the whole code before it

What is flush?

Entry to a file

Reading a file

Buffer deallocation

How do you decvlare a constant?

#define x=10

const int=10


What is enum?


An integral type

It's not used in С++

You don't have knowledge for the level of Junior C++ developer

Probably, you've only started learning the language, that's why you couldn't answer the majority of questions. Don't be upset! Devote enough time to both theory and practice, and you'll definitely succeed!  Share the quiz with friends and find out their level :)

Junior C++ developer

You know the language well enough for a Junior, but have not reached the Middle level yet. Pay special attention to the questions where you made mistakes, repeat the theory and solve training problems and you'll pull it off! Share the quiz with friends and find out their level :)

Middle C++ developer

Congrats! You did a great job and showed the knowledge at Middle level. This is an excellent result, but there's room for improvement! Feel free to take on more complex subjects, good luck! Share the quiz with friends and find out their level :)