Hemisphere Dominance Test - Left-Brain or Right-Brain?

Hemisphere Dominance Test - Left-Brain or Right-Brain?
What is stronger in you - logic or intuition? A comprehensive vision of the situation, or a tendency to analyze? Answer these 12 questions to find out which type you belong to and how to use it!

At supper, you are bored and use it to…

Dream or meditate

Puzzle out in a new culinary recipe

Think about current businesses and plan this week

To what degree do you think you're an organized person?

The boss asks you to find a document promptly.

You carefully take it out from a bulk of papers on your table

You go through everything: where could it go?

You immediately tell what folder you put it in

Are you stress-resistant?

You come across your school friend and think:

Obviously this is because he appeared in my dreams today!

What a great time it was!

I wish I knew what happened to him

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much are you a romantic person?

You clothing style is rather…




Friday, 23:00. Your friend is calling you and invites to a pub.

You happily run to meet him/her

You'd rather invite him/her to your place

You refuse: what an idea to call this time of day!

Do you like to take a risk?

How do you get ready for a vacation?

You visit travel agents and choose the most amazing destinations

You always go back to the same place: ypu lnow everyone there

You create your vacation on your own and every time it turns out to be unique and original оказывается уникальным и оригинальным

On a scale of 1 to 10, how do you assess your ability to keep secrets?

When your friends see your apartment, they exclaim:

What a tidy place!

What a cozy place!

Where did you find all these ideas?

You're Right-Brained

Your right hemisphere is apparently on full blast. You have such an exuberant imagination, you’re so original that many people envy you. You’re gifted to create and have a strong intuition – you can create new concepts and forefeel fashion crazes long before they become available. If it’s too calm around you set on a new adventure. However, from time to time you stop any activities and retreat into your inner world to recover strength, dream, and meditate. But be aware of too deep immersion into your fantasies. Escape from reality can hamper any initiative. On the other hand, your zen attitude makes you a little other-wordly. Share this test on social media, let’s see how your friends will pull it through!

You use both hemispheres

You achieved mastery: you can handle the hemispheres of your brain like a juggler – balls. Depending on circumstances you appeal to one or another, each of them stays active all the time and both interact. This balance helps you stay a realist and have a developed intuition and fertile imagination at the same time. First, you refer to the left hemisphere. It helps you analyze the experience of the past and compare it with the current state of things. And the right hemisphere provides you with contact with the emotional sphere of life, which makes you a generous and kind person whose company people always seek. Share this test on social media, let’s see how your friends will pull it through!

You're Left-Brained

It seems your left hemisphere dominates over the right one. Probably, you’re a methodic and thoughtful person. Family and colleagues often need your organizing skills to start up a project, give a party or celebrate a birthday. Your tendency to structure everything is revealed in the ability to describe past events and dexterously analyze them. However, beware of putting yourself into the box of stereotyped behavior. Because of the constant repetition of known and safe situations, you risk passing by new impressions. Why not allow yourself a little bit more boldness? Share this test on social media, let’s see how your friends will pull it through!