Do You Have the Mind of an Artist or a Scientist?

Do You Have the Mind of an Artist or a Scientist?
Feeling lost and can’t think of what you’re good at? Our brain can provide these answers! Each hemisphere works differently and defines the way we think. This test can help you to learn more about your talents and abilities!

What’s your current mood?

Are you able to reproduce the information you learned a couple of years ago?

No way! I can’t remember a thing

I can. But only the general facts

I totally can. I have good memory skills

Are you able to sing the song after listening to it for a couple of times?

Oh yes, I’ll be singing it the whole day

I will remember it, if the song is nice

I don’t think so. I need to hear this song a hundred of times more

What do you picture in your head when listening to a story?

I try to memorize the plot and characters

I follow the plot and imagine the situations

I see the characters as if they are real

How emotional are you when talking?

Do you remember yourself as a child?

Yes, quite well

I remember certain moments

I remember the feeling of childhood, the emotions

There was a new topic in algebra class today, yet you understood nothing. What will do you?

I keep asking questions until I understand

I’ll ask friends to explain in simple words

I’ll cheat on a test

You’ve got acquainted with ten new people at the party. How many of them will you be able to remember tomorrow?

You’re in a large company of people. Who does usually start conversation?

Always me

Someone might begin, yet I’m easily involved in discussion

I mostly listen to what other people say

When your co-workers discuss a new project, what are you interested in?

The original idea of this project

The ways to implement this idea

Sound reasons why we should work on this project

A scientist

It’s obvious that you have a logical thinking! You’re an optimist and always think that you can deal with all challenges and problems without help, by making calculations. You trust serious and precise information from reliable sources, and never rely on your intuition and feelings. You have great abilities to become a mathematician, teacher of exact sciences, constructor, event-manager or programmer. What about your friends? Share this test to find out!

Good balance of two types

You have a harmonious combination of both logical and creative thinking. As a result, you might be successful in different fields and areas. The best way to use your abilities and talents is to be engaged in the activity where you have to be both creative and precise, react fast and thoroughly think of the next steps. The best job with your type of thinking: manager, public speaker, interpreter. What about your friends? Share this test to learn more about them!

An artist

It’s obvious that you have a creative thinking! You’re a pessimist and always rely on your feelings and emotions instead of logical analysis of the situation and precise facts. You find it hard to begin a conversation with another person and keep talking to people. However, you’re capable of working in the most unpleasant conditions. Have you ever thought of making a career in art? Such jobs like artist, actor or designer will be suitable for you. However, you might also make a good doctor or a mentor. What about your friends? Share this test to find out!