Quiz: What Kind of Pizza Are You?

Quiz: What Kind of Pizza Are You?
It's so hard to choose which pizza we want sometimes! Our personality might be the key to making those decisions quickly-find out your pizza twin here!

What’s the most suitable drink for a pizza of your dream?

Coke. Because it’s classics

Something unusual. Perhaps, champagne?

Definitely, wine

Well, who cares? Pizza is my priority

What vegetable describes you the best?

I’m a tomato. Always necessary

I’m a bell pepper. I make things spicy

I’m a caper. No one understands me

I’m a crispy cucumber

The cafe has run out of your favorite dish. The waiter suggests trying a new one. Will you agree?

Imagine that while you’re eating your pizza, a cute person sits down at the next table. What will you do?

I’ll be giving him long and meaningful looks

I’ll sit down at his table

I’ll be holding my pizza slice with all elegance

I’ll smile and wave

What do you usually do in the mornings?

A glass of water, morning exercises, plans for the day

I try to wake myself up

I choose what to wear

I run around the house, because I’m already late

In your opinion, what do you lack in your life?

Peace and stability

New emotions and impressions

Brand-new expensive pair of shoes

I always lack everything

Choose an occupation of your dream:

A professor

A traveler

A photographer

I’ll decide when I grow up

What’s the best place to enjoy pizza?

In a pizzeria. I need a certain atmosphere

In a car while driving to an interesting place

In a fancy restaurant

Wherever! This is pizza!

What do you do while waiting for pizza to be delivered?

I might read

I’ll scroll through the social media

I’ll clean the house and tidy myself. The pizza delivery guy will be looking

I’ll keep scrolling the menu. They might have something else

Which kind of pizza you will 100% dislike?

Thick pastry and strange ingredients

Too simple. I can cook tomatoes and cheese myself

The one that looks messy

Too small

Classic Margherita

You prefer to stick to traditions and always choose classics, regardless of situation. That makes you a perfect Margherita! Just imagine: mozzarella, tomatoes, olives and basil. Nothing more, just the ingredients that stood the test of time. You’re the same: you don’t like new and unusual things and prefer to follow the rules. Which kind of pizza is suitable for your friends? Share this test to find out!

Exotic Hawaiian pizza

You adore everything new and unusual, and it makes you a perfect Hawaiian pizza. Just imagine: bacon and pineapple… What can be more interesting? Your life is the same: you are attracted by new emotions and impressions, find it hard to stay still or never change, you like to surprise people with your behavior. Which kind of pizza is suitable for your friends? Share this test to find out!

Elegant Marinara

The most important thing for you is to look attractive and have the eyes of the others on you. It makes you a perfect pizza marinara. Just imagine: cheese, tomatoes, anchovies, black olives and oregano. It’s hard to think of anything more exquisite than that. Your life is the same: you impress people by your fine tastes and strive for beauty, and your style makes everyone jealous! Which kind of pizza is suitable for your friends? Share this test to find out!

Versatile 4 seasons

Your mood changes with a speed of light, and it makes you an ideal Four Seasons pizza! Just imagine: the whole dish is divided into four parts, and each of them has its own filling. A great option for those who cannot decide! Your life is the same: it’s hard to follow your thoughts and desires, you are full of ideas and want to get everything at once. Which kind of pizza is suitable for your friends? Share this test to find out!