Online Questionnaire To Determine Machiavellianism Level

Online Questionnaire To Determine Machiavellianism Level
Machiavellianism is a concept that centers on manipulative behavior toward other people, using them as means to your end. Moreover, it states that any method of governing or ruling is possible – from threatening to bribing. Take this test to find out if you truly follow these principles!

Telling someone about your plans or intentions is possible if it brings a benefit for you. Do you agree?

What do you think about your co-workers?

They are so experienced! I have a lot to learn from them!

They work well, however, might show unprofessional attitude

They don’t understand anything and constantly make mistakes

Your friend asks your opinion about her new dress. What would you say if the dress didn’t suit her?

I will politely tell the truth and suggest another style

I will murmur something uncertain

I will tell her what she wants to hear. The dress is gorgeous

How much is it important for you to stay honest no matter what?

If you became a boss, how would be management style?

I would rely on responsibility of every member of my team

I would try to earn the respect of my team

I can only rely on forcing and fear

What would you choose?

To be influential but have a bad reputation

To be an average employee with an average reputation

To have no influence but have a good reputation

When making a request, what do you usually say?

I explain the actual situation and admit that I need help

I describe the situation in general, avoiding the most sensitive parts

I make sound and reasonable arguments, however, they might be imaginary

You were assigned an extra task at work. What question would you ask your boss?

When should I finish?

Who will help me?

Will I be paid for that?

Before making anything, a person should be confident in…

The fact that his actions are correct and ethical

The fact that his actions won’t do any harm

The benefits of these actions for himself

Finish the phrase: People are naturally…

Decent and responsible

Acting based on their best intentions

Vicious and evil

Low level of machiavellianism

You have no tendency to manipulate others. Empathy is your most prominent trait that allows you to help each and everyone, to yield (even if it’s not beneficial for you). Moreover, you never say a rude thing about your another person, because good relationships are your top priority. Do your friends have a tendency to manipulate? Share this test to find out!

Average level of machiavellianism

You are capable of thinking straight, pragmatically and objectively in any situation. Moreover, you find it easy to reach understanding with other people. You have abilities to influence others, but you rarely use them (and mostly it happens unintentionally). You are also able to manipulate, but it doesn’t happen often. Do your friends have a tendency to manipulate? Share this test to find out!

High level of machiavellianism

You have well-developed willpower and leadership qualities. However, you also have a tendency to manipulate people in order to win their trust and get everything you want from them. You use such a pressure for your won benefits, without even considering the interests of another person. That’s why in most cases, you find it hard to build smooth and harmonious relationships with other people. Do your friends have a tendency to manipulate? Share this test to find out!