Bass Orientation Inventory - Determine Your Personality Type

Bass Orientation Inventory - Determine Your Personality Type
This questionnaire was developed to determine your orientation. It can be personal (toward ourselves), practical (orientation on task), or collective (orientation on interaction with people). The result will let you know your reactions to work and others, and your preferred rewards.

I’ll get the biggest satisfaction from…

The approval of my work

The thought that my work is well done

The thought that I’m surrounded with friends

If I were playing soccer (football, basketball), I would prefer to be…

A coach who plan the strategy of the game

A famous player

A chosen captain of the team

In my opinion, the best teacher is the one who…

Shows interest toward students and finds individual approach

Is able to evoke the interest to his subject making students learn it

Creates the atmosphere where everyone can express his opinion without fear

I like when people…

Are happy with the work they do

Perform teamwork with pleasure

Try to make their job better than the others

I would love my friends to be…

Sympathetic and ready to help people when they have a chance

Devoted and loyal

Intelligent and interesting

In my opinion, the best friends are the people who…

Have good relationship with me

I can always trust

Can achieve success in life

The thing I dislike the most is…

When I cannot do something

When my friendship worsens

When I’m being criticized

In my opinion, the worst thing that a teacher can do is…

Never hides the fact that he dislikes some of the students, mocks and makes jokes

Creating the competitive atmosphere in the group

Not having enough knowledge of his own subject

When I child, I liked…

To spend my time with friends

The feeling of finished duties and tasks

When people praised me

I’d love to be like people who…

Succeeded in life

Truly love what they do

Are friendly and kind

First of all, school has to…

Teach a child how to deal with different life challenges

Develop the individual traits of the students

Develop the ability of students to interact and communicate with the others

If I had more free time, I would have used it for…

Socializing with friends

Rest and entertainment

The things I like to do and personal growth

I get the best results when…

I work with people I like

I have an interesting task

My efforts are highly rewarded

I like it when…

Other people value me

I’m satisfied with the results of my work

Spend nice time with my friends

If there had to be an article about me in a newspaper, I would like the author…

To tell about any interesting project related to my work or studies where I took part

To write about my work

To mention people I work with

I achieve best results in my studies, when a teacher…

Has an individual approach

Can evoke the interest to his subject

Creates discussions in groups

For me, there’s nothing worse than…

A personal insult

A failure when doing an important task

Loss of friends

The thing I value the most is…


A possibility of a good teamwork

Great, practical mind and intelligence

I dislike people who…

Think they are better than others

Often fight and quarrel

Protest from new things in life

I feel nice when…

I do something that’s significant for everyone

I have lots of friends

People like and admire me

In my opinion, the boss should be…




During my free time, I would love to read book about…

The ways to find new friends and to keep good relationship with people

Life of famous and interesting people

The recent inventions

If I had a talent for music, I would prefer to be…

A conductor

A composer

A lead singer

I would love to…

Create an interesting contest

Win at the contest

Organize a contest and run it

For me, the most important thing is to know…

What I want to do in life

How my achieve my goal

How to organize people in order to achieve the goal

Each person should strive for..

Getting praise of others

Performing his duties

Making the job right, so he wouldn’t be reproached for it

The best rest I get when…

I socialize with my friends

I watch interesting movies

I do things that I like

Orientation on yourself

You are oriented on direct reward and get satisfaction from activities that aren’t related to work and interaction with co-workers. Moreover, you have a tendency to be aggressive when it comes to achieving a certain status or power. You like competitive environment, can be irritated, worried and introverted. What result will your friends get? Share this test to find out!

Orientation on interaction

You prefer to be in good relationships with people no matter what. You like the process of mutual work, however, you think less about performing certain tasks or sincerely helping someone. Approval of society is important for you, it makes you a dependent person. You are dependent on a group, you need attachment and emotional relationship. What result will your friends get? Share this test to find out!

Orientation on task

You’re interested in solving the practical tasks, prefer to perform your duties with maximum possible efforts. You’re oriented on business collaboration. You are capable of defending your opinion when it comes to any project you’re working on, if it’s beneficial for the mutual goal. What result will your friends get? Share this test to find out!