How Good or Bad Are You?

How Good or Bad Are You?
There’s a constant war of good and evil inside every person. Sometimes we slip and fall into one extreme, and it may take a while to find our way back. Where are you right now? Find out here!

You notice that one of your co-workers is sad. What will you do to cheer him up?

I’ll offer my help or make his tasks

I’ll compliment him or say something funny

I’ll make fun of his gloomy mood. Or make a sarcastic comment

You’re playing chess with your younger brother. He plays poorly. Will you lose on purpose?

Of course! I can’t make him sad

No. But I will explain the rules and show some winning moves

No way! I’ll be bathing in the light of my triumph

Suddenly, you’ve got a bonus at work! How would you spend the money?

I’ll buy something for my parents or relatives

I’ll spend a part of it on something I want and buy gifts for my family

I’ll enjoy my life at its fullest!

What do you feel, when someone is sharing his problems with you?

I understand I have to do something to help this person

I’ll listen to him and give advice

I’m not really interested in the problems of other people

Your partner is busy with cleaning the house. You are free at this moment. What will you do?

I’ll do the chores and let my partner rest

I’ll help with cleaning

I’ll rest! What else can I do?

What are you ready to do to get a promotion?

I’ll be properly doing my work in hope to be noticed

I’ll be proposing new ideas

Anything! For example, to tell lies

What do you think about conflicts and quarrels?

I try to avoid them, I don’t like conflicts

It’s just another way to come to an agreement and become better

I try to avoid them. There’s no need to ruin relationships with people that might be useful

How strong is your desire to become a leader?

The person who has recently offended you is now asking for you help. What will you do?

Of course, I will help. I’ll do everything for a person in need

I will see what I can do

Is that a joke? I haven’t forgiven him yet

Are you capable of making fun of a person in order to entertain people?

No, it’s sick

I might, if a joke is not offensive

Oh yes. And the joke should be as humiliating as possible

Angel of kindness

You’re known as a sweet and kind person. Moreover, you are capable of understanding and forgiveness. If necessary, you can give in, because you dislike conflicts and arguments. However, you might seem a shy and closed person to other people. They don’t always know what’s on your mind. Some of them is using your kindness for their personal gain, and you can’t find enough strength to fight back. What about your friends? Share this test to learn more about them!

Balance of good and evil

You are a perfectly balanced person. You were able to develop versatile traits of character, which include kindness and strictness, trust and persistence. You always act after analyzing the situation and never let your emotions and feelings prevail. You are usually described as a person with sweet and open-minded nature. However, you know how to stand your ground if there’s such a necessity. What about your friends? Share this test to learn more about them!

Evil genius

You prefer to act to serve your own interests. As a result, you often neglect other people and their feelings. You are a straightforward and persistent person, yet some people think of you as of aggressive and evil. You’re also known for your calculating nature; it allows you to show kindness in the situations when you need something. This is your way to achieve goals! What about your friends? Share this test to learn more about them!