Time machine: in what year will you find yourself?

Time machine: in what year will you find yourself?

2019-02-25 21:25:08

There are many important historical dates. Each period is interesting and has many events to remember such as Crusades, the discovery of America or reckless nineties. Many people would like to have a look at the past. Let's see where would you go if you had the time machine with a couple of spare parts and an unlimited amount of fuel. Let's go! 


Continue the sentence: "There's nothing worse than..."

Lazy people

Dumb things

People who think only about themselves



Choose the city




St. Petersburg


You have the time machine. You can visit and talk to one person. Who would he be?

Oktavian Augustus

Napoleon Bonaparte

John Rockefeller

Richard the Lionheart

Henry Ford

It is your honor to be the first man who...

Is the first man in space

Made around-the-world voyage

Became the Emperor

Invented an atomic bomb

Wrote the Constitution

With whom of these people do you want to shake hands?

Abraham Lincoln because he abolished slavery

Karl Lagerfeld because he's rich and famous

Julius Caesar because he ruled Rome

Louis XIV because he was the most influential in Europe

Albert Einstein because he's a genius

What's the most important thing in life?






What will the future generation name after you?


School of philosophy



Two rivers, airplane, a couple of ships and three islands

What do you dream to see with your own eyes?

Coronation of an Emperor

Signing of a peace treaty

Flourishing of the world civilization

Childhood of some outstanding person

Physical experiment

You have a chance to return into the past and prevent one thing. It would be ...

Fall of the Roman Empire

Nuclear bombardment


Discovery of America

Invention of the Internet

Which retro piece do you not have in your wardrobe?


Floor-length dress

Dirty blue jeans

Royal robe

Something sparkly

Your hobby is



Long walks


Playing video games

Which quality d you appreciate most of all in others?



Sense of purpose

Quick wit

Creative mind

Finally, the dream of your life is ...

Fly into space

Earn a million

Build a career

Travel around the world

Become famous

Your year is 63 B.C.

Welcome to Ancient Rome! 63 B.C. is the period of the Roman Empire when Julius Caesar became a ruler. We are sure that you would like all those Senate sessions, pontifices, plebiscites and other strange words that you know very well.  Just imagine, in the morning you are thinking of the state affairs, then you have dinner with the noble people of Rome and at night you watch the gladiator fights or go to the theater. You give gold to the most talented people, listen to the philosophers and drink wine. Isn't it a dream? Don't forget to show your bust or a statue. You can't do without it!   

Your year is 1099

Welcome to the Middle Ages! 1099 is the year of the first Crusade, the period of knighthood, beautiful ladies, and Gothic architecture. Of course, you have your own manor, vassals and wealth. You build castles and give money to those who need it. You are a busy person, we should say. In the morning, you go to a trade fair, then you go hunting in the woods with your escort, and at night you go to the theater. At the same time, you write poems for your lady, choose a new horse, and get ready for the Crusade. The next week is the knights' tournament, don't forget about it!   

Your year is 1492

Welcome to the Modern Age! In 1492 Columbus discovered America. We are sure that there would be a place for you in one of his ships. And if not, you would be a discoverer of some island or a strait. There are so many of them! Make your adventure map, buy a compass, find rich investors, and you will have an unforgettable adventure! What will you name in your honor - that mountain or this lake? Have a rest from your long journey and go to a ball or hunting. You may also play golf or take a walk in the park. But don't forget that next week the duke is visiting you. You can't miss it! 

Your year is 1915

Welcome to the beginning of the 20th century! In 1915 Einstein published his theory of general relativity. There's a huge development in such sciences as chemistry, physics, and math. Confess, which equations are you developing at nights? It's time to publish your works and tell the world about yourself! If science is not for you, you may just go to dinner parties, dance in luxury hotels and have dinner in the most expensive restaurants spending a huge amount of money that you inherited from your grandad. When you will get bored, write a book or at least, a story. Something about how you are tired of this world, its luster and fuss. Sounds good, yeah? 

Your year is 1990

Welcome to the restless 1990s! A crimson suit jacket, a bit of criminal and heaps of dollars - isn't it about you? It's the time of unlimited opportunities when a nobody may get everything and when you can lose all you have. If you happened to live in the nineties, you would have your gang, conflicts, and business with huge profits. At nights you would have parties with illegal alcohol and casino where you would spend what you had earned during the daytime. You have excellent prospects - you may become a deputy, buy jeans, and eat in McDonald's!