Typology of Love and Relationships

2019-03-19 20:33:05
Typology of Love and Relationships

How do you feel when you are love-filled? How openly can you express emotions? Will you wait until affection is shown to you or take the initiative? Our quiz will help to answer these and other questions. It'll determine your love psychotype. So, are you excited to find out your result?

The breakup with a person I love is...

The worst thing that could happen

Something I'll forget sooner or later

Something I'll manage with the utmost reluctance

Depends on how the partner will act

The main thing in love is...



Partner's attention


In a relationship, partners are better to be...

Independent from each other

A single whole

Knowingly complement each other

Who they want to be

Love for me is...

Deeply saturated with aesthetic colors, it has a strong instinct for physical beauty, the exquisiteness of lines, the force of the body

A relationship where one can find support

Freedom for emotions

An agreeable pastime together

My affection in a relationship...

Depends on partner’s affection and feelings

is not so strong: a relationship should give joy and not concerns

is strong, I feel like a single whole with the partner

Is sufficient to make me miss the person all teh time

Real love in difficult periods of time...

Can wait and forgive

Can get hurt seriously

Will survive but probably won't be the same

Problems give your love a fresh coat of paint

I treat my sweetheart like...

A brother/sister

My best friend

The object of my love

My other half

To gain love you need...

To struggle

To defend the right to it

To prove your true feelings

To be yourself

Love is when...

You’re ready to abandon yourself if this gives happiness to the other

You remain true to yourself and your partner

You’re honest about your feelings and sincerely take care of the partner

You get what you want emotionally

Love matures...

For a long time, the main thing is to listen to your partner attentively and meet the needs

From first sight

When friendship starts

As soon as you start showing it to the object of your affection

Love pains make me...

Richer spiritually

Exhausted mentally


Disappointed in relationships

The main thing in love is...

Calm and reasonableness

Sincerity and openness

In dividuality of each partner

Pleasure and emotions


You masterfully take care of yourself and people around you. You try to provide and help them as possible. In doing so, you fulfill your own personality, trying to earn a great reputation. If someone doesn't accept your care, it can hurt your feelings. Share the result with friends and check what they've got.


You flexibly and actively guide people in relationships. You aren't dogmatic, if they don't obey you, you change the strategy, look for an alternative approach. You try to give ear and take into account your partner's opinion. In educating, you initiate discussions, in which you try to get the upper hand. Share the result with friends and check what they've got.


Your self-esteem depends on friendly relations. Questions of trust to people are left up in the air. You perceive the slightest "ripples of wind" interacting with others: when someone gives you a bad look or tells something wrong. You may seem detached and hard-to-reach to people. Share the result with friends and check what they've got.


You're omnivorous regarding affection issues. It's important for you when people support and develop affection, enrich it with impressions. People confident in it who vividly express their liking and affection appeal to you. Share the result with friends and check what they've got.