Quiz: How Good a Friend Are You?

Quiz: How Good a Friend Are You?
You'll probably agree that friendship is a significant part of every person's life. In our chaotic technology-driven world, the boundaries are becoming blurry and it's becoming increasingly hard to differentiate between a friendship and a mere acquaintance. Do you want to know if you have true friends you can rely on in any situation? Take this amazing quiz to find out!

There is no logic behind a friendship. People become friends just because they like each other.

I don't agree

Depends on the situation

I agree

You know that your friend is going through hard times but they don't tell you. Will you help them with advice?

No. They can ask me for advice themselves.

Of course!

First I'll make sure they really need my advice

Do you agree that one of the main reasons why friendship ends is because people are changing?

Yes. What's the point in a friendship if you and your friend have become two different people?

This can happen only if you and your friend were never close

No. Friendship shouldn't only rely on your current interests

Do you often quarrel with your friends?

It happens

Only for serious reasons

Almost never. I love my friends as they are.

Will you be jealous if your best friend started spending more time with other people rather than you?


Maybe, if this person matters a lot to me

No. We'd still be best friends.

Will you be able to keep a friendship if you and your friend were separated for a long time?

Hardly. Maintaining a contact is really important.

Depends on the person

Of course! We'll have so many things to talk about when we're reunited!

Friends need to be useful to each other.

Yes. Friendship should be mutually beneficial

Not necessarily. However, friends should help each other during hard times.

No. Friendship has nothing to do with benefit.

Can you keep secrets?

Of course

Yes, but sometimes I may blurt out a secret

No, I love gossip too much

Do you trust your friends with your secrets?

Yes. I can rely on them.

Yes, but I can't trust them with really important things

No. They may blurt out my secret or use it against me.

Do you believe in Internet friendship?

No, it doesn't last long. Face-to-face contact is really important.

Only if it's based on a strong real-life friendship.

Yes, I myself have a few Internet friends and pen pals.

You can't maintain a friendship and don't have really close friends

Unfortunately, frienship doesn't come naturally to you. While losing touch with your old acquaintances, you're struggling at making new friends. It's not uncommon that your you stop calling your friends all of a sudden, and your relationship severs. You may feel comfortable on your own, which is absolutely alright. At the same time, every person needs a friendly support from time to time. Don't get upset though! Your best friendship are still ahead of you, we're sure of that! Share this quiz with the people you'd like to rebuild contact with. Who knows? Maybe this is your chance to find a true friend? 

You're a good friend but sometimes you make mistakes

As a whole, you're a good friend. You have a few close friends and companions. However, you and your friends have quarrels from to time, which makes you very sad. Don't hesistate to tell your friends what you don't like in your relationship and how you'd like to improve it. Talk to each other and learn to reach compromises. This is the cornerstone of any human relationship.  Share this test with your friends and see their results!

You're a loyal friend

You can keep secrets. You're always ready to help. You love your friends for who they are, despite their shortcomings. You seem to be a perfect friend one can only dream of! The ability to create and - more importantly - maintain friendships is a very valuable asset that will help you a lot throughout your life. Your friends are lucky to have such a reliable and sensitive person by their side.   Share this quiz with your friends and find out whether or not they're just as good at friendship as you are!