What’s the state of your personal life? Take the quiz to find out

What’s the state of your personal life? Take the quiz to find out
Building strong and lasting relationships is difficult! Answer a few questions and we will help you determine the current state of your relationships.

Choose the color that could describe your current state:




What can help you to come alive when you’re tired?

Bright emotions, mind-blowing event

A cozy evening at home

Immersing into my memories

Where would you like to live with your other half?

In noisy and active New York

In romantic Paris

Somewhere near the lake surrounded by peace and quiet

How do you prefer to deal with conflicts?

I tell my opponent everything I have on my mind

I listen to another side and try to understand his position

I give in without a fight

What will you do when you can’t do the things you planned?

Quickly change my plans

Come what may. I’ll give in

I’ll try to do what I planned, because I don’t like changes

How do you usually work on your tasks?

I try to make everything at once

I perform the tasks one-by-one

I work very slow but think about each task

What’s the most important thing in relationship?

Passion, bright emotions, feelings

Mutual understanding and support

Calmness and stability

Which of these relationships should end?

Relationship that became dull and boring

Partner cannot and doesn’t want to understand you

Relationship that is unstable and tiresome

What will you do to distract yourself from a breakup?

I’ll go to a party and find new friends

I’ll talk to my close friends or family

I’ll be watching old photos and scrolling through a chat history

When do you feel yourself the most comfortable?

When I’m surrounded by interesting activities

When my family and friends feel okay

When I have time to ponder about life with no one distracting me

Love like a war

You’re an original, creative and artistic person. You despise all cliches and stereotypes in life and in love. Your partner finds it hard to adjust to the rhythm of your life, to share your ideas and beliefs. You can easily freak out, your mood changes fast. Peace and quiet are two things that have nothing to do with you, as you find your inspiration and passion in emotions! Your love life looks more like a war scene. What about your friends? Share this test to learn more about their personalities!

Peace and quiet are top priority

You are capable of empathy and compassion as no one else in this world. You can easily put yourself in someone’s shoes, feel emotions and worries of the others. However, your love life can be good, only if people around you are okay as well. You avoid conflicts and put quiet and calmness above the truth. Your love life reminds a soft and warm blanket. What about your friends? Share this test to learn more about them!

A kingdom of memories

You are a melancholy person who prefers peaceful and quiet lifestyle. You shut yourself from the entire world and surround yourself with memories and thoughts about past that prevent you from moving on and see new opportunities (including romantic relationships). As a true fan of stability, you try to stick to the same routine and lead ordinary life that you’re used to. Your love life reminds a sad black and white movie. What about your friends? Share this test to learn more about them!