What Art Career Is Right For Me?

What Art Career Is Right For Me?
You probably can't even imagine how many interesting and original professions are in the world of art. Everyone knows about singers, actors, and artists, but there are many more careers. Take the test and find out which art career is right for you!

What area of art do you find more interesting?





Everything by little

How do you feel about teamwork?

Where do you feel right at home?

Party in a nightclub

Private screening in a movie theater

At the premiere of young director's staging

In front of my PC

While discussing a big project

What about your creativity?

In the future, you'll probably be awarded…



Palm Leaf

Good Design Award

They didn't manage to establish award yet for what I do

What schedule do you find more convenient?

Project work

Flexible hours

Fixed hours

I don't want to work at all, I want to chill out

I work only when I'm inspired

What surroundings are better for work?

Quiet, no one's around

Creative chaos

With a small team

Alone with my headphones on

I like when there are a lot of people around

What do you do best?

Flipping through fashion magazines

Watching series

Sitting in front of the computer

Offering my advice

Listening to music

Suppose you show judges your drawing at the competition. What will they say?

This is a masterpiece!

You're the weakest sister

Well, this is quite unusual

Yes, it certainly has something

You need to add a couple of final strokes

What part of the job do you like most?

It' hard for me to start, instead, I see the big picture. That's why I like to get involved at the end of the work

I like to work through details

I like the process of creating something new

I prefer to review and examine what is already done

I get involved in the midst of events

Final one! How does the job of your dreams look like?

Me, couch, TV, my friends

Me, PC, videogames

Me, loud music, headphones

Me, a cool fashionable spot, everyone's discussing something

An already done project, I give recommendations and correct everyone


Artist-technologist is a person responsible for the decorative design of plays, concerts, circus performances. He/she elaborates a set of technical documentation, brings directors’ and other creative team members’ ideas to life. He/she constantly interacts with costume designers, lighting designers, the stage manager being in charge of the proper and technically correct implementation of the ideas. Artists-technologists have rich knowledge in the area of theatre, stage and technical graphics, are excellent at the issues of light solutions, as well as makeup, costumes, decorations, and other aspects. They’re able to draw by hand, perceive color well, take care of safety. And what art careers are right for your friends? Tell them about this test, let’s check!

Festival film selector

Festival film selector is a person who assesses the quality of a movie based on the criteria of a particular film festival. It’s he who decides whether a specific film corresponds to the conditions of an event and whether it can take part in it. This job is not a basic specialty taught at education establishments. No, no one studies to be a selector. As a rule, experts from the area of cinema become selectors: for example, directors, script-writers, movie critics, and others. The additional feature of this job is teamwork skills. The whole selection board works on the choice of worthy options, which will be able to take part in the festival. And what art careers are right for your friends? Tell them about this test, let’s check!

3D Rigger

Rigger is a person who combines the job of a modeler and an animator. The representative of this profession engages in the preparation of already made character for animation creating inside him a peculiar skeleton, as well as a system for managing objects. The specialist should pull all the elements together: the lower-level ones should obey to the higher-level ones. It means if the character’s elbow moves, the movement of the upper lower part of the arm and shoulder should follow. This way the naturality and reality of the picture are achieved. This specialist is a link of the well-knit team working on creating an animated film – they’re artists, modelers, animators, and the director. And what art careers are right for your friends? Tell them about this test, let’s check!

Compositing expert

Compositing expert’s task is to make a cohesive picture by putting together the separate layers of previously made photo- or video material. This is often achieved by adding the elements, which are created using computer generated (CG) images. The compositing expert acts at the final stage of postproduction, it means he takes the responsibility for correction of small defects made at the previous stages. His task is to create the final product without blots and faults. And what art careers are right for your friends? Tell them about this test, let’s check!

Sound designer

Sound designer is a specialist who is able to determine, manage and create audio elements. These skills are actively used in various kinds of arts (theatre, cinema, etc.), as well as when creating commercial projects (advertising industry, video game production, etc.). This profession is a part of the sound engineering job. The sound design’s task is creating a specific mood and atmosphere. And what art careers are right for your friends? Tell them about this test, let’s check!