What Career is Right For Me?

2019-02-25 21:25:08
What Career is Right For Me?

To find vocation is one of the most important tasks in life. However, it's not so easy to find activity after your own heart and understand what career is better to choose. The next quiz will help you. Well, are you ready to know your area of self-fulfillment?


Your favorite subject at school was...


Languages and history

Painting and literature

Chemistry and biology

In spare moments, I like...


dancing, painting, singing, in a word - creating


increasing my brain power and solving tasks and puzzles

The profession of ... attracts me





When I was little, I dreamed to become a...





When choosing a career, I pay a lot of attention to...

The opportunity to create something new

Prospects for advancement

The opportunity to deal with people

The ability to express your own self

My favorite genre of books is...



Scientifical literature

I read everything

People often give me credit for...



Quick wit

The ability of logical thinking

From the following list, you like...

To manage staff

To solve emerging problems

To consult

To create new things

I believe that .... is important for well coordinated work in a team

The ability to listen others


The presence of a leader

Out of box thinking

I mostly take an interest to...

What is going on in the world and the essence of things

Processes and laws of development

People's creativity and biography

Interior arrangement of things

When solving an acute problem in a team, I usually...

try stand aback

understand offered ideas

offer my own ideas

listen to people's opinion

I mostly rely on...

My own experience

Existing knowledge

Time proved methods


Liberal Arts Career

Liberal arts fit you best: history, literature, languages. Try yourself in the area of translation, teaching or creative writing. Share the result with friends to let them know your future!  

Technical area

Physics, mathematics, information science — areas, which fit you best. Why don't you complete education to become a programmer, an engineer or an architect? Try! Share the result with friends to let them know your future!

Natural sciences

Biology and chemistry are your creed! Do you like to carry out experiments or study the organization of the human body? Then try yourself in the area of medicine, manufacturing industry and food field - you'll like it! Share the result with friends to let them know your future!


You're are an unorthodox person, cramming and monotonous work won't fit you. Go ahead and create and dream! Why don't you complete a painting/singing/dancing course? Reveal new talents in yourself! Share the result with friends to let them know your future!