What country suits you?

2019-02-25 21:25:08
What country suits you?

Most of us have dreamed of far lands just for once. A state of your dreams is somewhere far away, where you can feel calm and relaxed. But where is that “Small country”? Our test will help to find out it!

I prefer to drink...

A glass of the best beer

Warm hot chocolate

Cool cocktail

Green tea

I like ...

Fish, vegetables or better yet sushi

Well cooked steak

Pancakes with maple syrup

Sausages with a hearty garnish

My hobbies include


Active and passive rest at the seaside

Reading and quiet trainings

Swinging parties

The following characteristics are closer to me ......

Straightforward and turretless

Calm and concentrated

Emotional and open

Agreeable and positive

If I had a million dollars...

I would spend it on fun and entertainment

I would spend it on gifts to relatives and friends

I would deposit it

I would buy a house at the seaside for free life

Outside my window, I would like to see…

Beautiful mountains

The sun rising over the ocean

Brick roofs of houses in an ancient city

  Cozy stone-paved European streets

My primary life goal is to ...

Be myself

Enjoy life

Try to change the world

Do quietly what you love

Life is...

An adventure road

Just a life that you can live easy having fun

Natural process where everything is regular

Versatile opportunities allowing you to be different every day

My dream job is ...

Serious and responsible business

To create something important and useful

Something interesting for me that brings luck

Lack of day to day activities and interesting tasks

I would like to take a journey ...

To a warm and sunny country

To a country that differs from my country, it will be unusual

Somewhere with a combination of different cultures, natural beauty, and geographical belts

To a country with a rich history and cozy streets

I prefer ...

Warm and even hot climate

Soft sea climate

Moderate climate without sudden changes in winter and summer temperatures

Diverse climate as I don't like monotonous weather!

My clothes are ...

Unusual and stylish

Modest and discreet

Bright and convenient

Comfortable and informal


Germany is a centuries-old country that has fascinating natural landmarks. According to the test results, it's your ideal. Now, share your results with friends and learn their results!


Amazing Japan is the country of your dreams. Unusual traditions and high technologies distinguish it among other countries. Now, share your results with friends and learn their results!


Hot Spain is your perfect choice. Sultry local people and a warm climate are very attractive to you. Now, share your results with friends and learn their results!


Canada is original and attractive! This multinational and colorful country is right for you. Here you will surely find a place and people after your heart. You will admire its natural landmarks. Now, share your results with friends and learn their results!