Which Creative Hobby Should You Pursue?

Which Creative Hobby Should You Pursue?
Taking up an interesting hobby is a great way to entertain yourself and keep stress at bay. Hobbies make our lives more enjoyable, add new impressions to our everyday routine, and encourage us to meet new people. To find the ideal hobby, you need to know yourself really well. Take this test to find out which creative hobby you should choose!

What will you bring home from a trip?

Plenty of photos

Unusual design item

Book in a foreign language

You're at the exhibition of a renowned artist. What do you think when looking at the paintings?

How did he/she manage to see the situation/object from this perspective?

Which of these paintings would I hang in my house?

What was he/she feeling while painting these pictures?

What do you feel when seeing a rainbow in the sky?

You admire the colors

You think of how you could use the rainbow colors in interior design

You get overwhelmed by memories

You need to organize a celebration. What is the key to throwing a successful party?

I'll invite a professional photographer

I'll embellish the house and create a special atmosphere

I'll come up with unusual surprises to evoke vivid emotions among guests

What do you think about a monotonous work that requires focus and attention?

I hate routine and always try to avoid doing monotonous tasks, even at work

I like tasks that require my full concentration

I can't say I like it but I guess it depends on the task

When working, you like to use:

Your hands

Your heart

Your head

What do you expect from your creative endeavours?

I'd like to leave something after I'm gone

Fame and money

Nothing. I simply do what I like

You're at a flea market. What items are most likely to grab your attention?

Musical instruments

Hand-made jewelry

Old maps

When it comes to the results of your creative activity, you:

Show them to your family and friends, but only if you're happy with yourself

Show them to everyone you know

Only show them to the person you created them for

Which image do you like best?

What qualities do you consider when choosing clothes?

Clothes need to be comfortable

Clothes need to be original. I hate conservative colors and patterns

I'm an unpredictable person, and my choice is often random

What is your idea of an ideal evening?

When I can spend time with my loved ones

When I can have fun with my friends and dance all night long

When I can have some alone time, e.g. read a book, relax in a bath, etc.

Which country would you like to visit?



Great Britain

What did you like to do as a kid?

Draw and play musical instruments

Play with my friends

Write poetry and read

Choose conventional hobbies (drawing, pottery, photography)

Experiments are not your thing. You prefer time-tested, conventional hobbies. It's a pretty good choice, if you ask us! You like the Renaissance painters, classical music, and unusual design items. Our tip to you is to take up one of these hobbies: photography, sketching, drawing, pottery, etc. These hobbies will unlock your creative potential and you're sure to enjoy them!  Share this test on social media and see what hobbies are right for your friends!

Choose new hobbies (scrapbooking, decoupage, quilling)

You're following the latest trends in every field, from food and clothes to hobbies! You can't imagine your life without beautiful things. What's more, you like to show these things to other people and share your emotions! You should explore such hobbies as carving, felting, scrapbooking, and the like. We bet these activities will make your life more fulfilling and enjoyable! Be sure to try something new! Share this test on social media and see what hobbies are right for your friends!

Choose literature-related hobbies

When it comes to creativity, you focus on thoughts and feelings which can be conveyed through art. Literature is a great way to share your inner world with other people and get their feedback. We bet you wrote poetry as a teenager! It's time to revive this amazing habit of yours. Also, you can start blogging online. You have all chances to attract a huge audience that will be looking forward to your posts! Share this test on social media and see what hobbies are right for your friends!