What Equinox Tribe Member Are You? (Better Version)

What Equinox Tribe Member Are You? (Better Version)


First of all, I wanted to say thank you to all the people who did my What Good Tribe Member Are You? quiz. If you are confused, that was supposed to be based on me and my friend's characters. (I wasn't even finished with it at the time lol) I didn't think that a lot of people were actually going to do it so thanks! Anyways I'll tell you about The Equinox Tribe!:

Nala: Nala is the leader of The Equinox Tribe, she is very ambitious and logical. Her zodiac sign is Capricorn! (Born on January 3) Her Hogwarts House would 100% be Slytherin because she makes sense for almost all of the traits. Nala is surprisingly very shy and introverted though, she only is social when she is around her friends but she prefers being alone. (Nala is based on the Alolan Vulpix Pokemon)

Cocoa: Cocoa is the main fighter of The Equinox Tribe, she is very brave and courageous so her Hogwarts House would be Gryffindor and her zodiac sign is Aries. (Born on April 6) Cocoa is definitely an extrovert, she is so social and talkative. (Cocoa is based off the Tasty Peach Studio's Cocoa the anklyosaurus)

Opal: Opal is an astrology and book nerd for sure. She loves reading and studying so much! Because of this, she would be a Ravenclaw and her zodiac sign is Virgo. (Born on September 5) I would say that Opal would be an ambivert-leaning introvert, which is basically in the middle between extrovert and introvert but more introverted. (Opal is based on a European Lynx)

Pepper: Pepper is the most adorable and kind living organism to be honest, which would definitely put her in Hufflepuff. Pepper believes in kindness and always shows people how nice she is, even to the people that she hates. (Her zodiac sign is Libra (Born on October 14)) If The Equinox Tribe was popular I would say that Pepper would be the most popular member because she is very unique! a fun fact about her is that she is the only left-handed member in her tribe (If she was a human). (Pepper is based off a brown bear)

You just got back from your first day at your first day at your new school/job. You feel really bored and want to try being adventurous today. Then you see a dark, mythical-looking forest ahead of you and you decide to go in it. After a few hours of wandering around it gets dark and you realize that you're lost, then a voice from nearby says, "Hello, are you lost?" What do you do?

Look for the voice, now that you heard it you're curious and it won't get out of your mind.

Bravely walk through the forest with a pointed stick in your fist, just in case the voice attacks you.

Don't answer and just brainstorm ideas in your head of what to do if the voice starts attacking you.

Kindly say, "Hello" back. Maybe this voice will become your friend!

The voice gets louder, it says, "What are you doing here? No one usually ever comes here..." Then, you start to hear a mysterious trotting sound. What do you do?

Can't believe what's going on, this doesn't make any sense at all! You only ever thought about this when you daydream.

"What do you mean what am I doing here?!" You say, "I just wanted to get my energy out!" (You try to look tough while saying that)

"I just got lost, do you think you can tell me the way back?" You say, waiting for a response.

You start to wonder what the trotting sound was and forget about the voice then remember your goal and continue to hold the stick without talking.

"I see, you got lost." The voice says. You start to wonder even more about what organism this voice is. Then, you see a pair of pearly white feet with coal-black hooves standing from behind a giant bush. Is this creature an animal? You wonder. What do you think this animal is?

A unicorn obviously, it makes sense! I'm in a mythical forest with a mythical animal that's white!

A baby goat! It has to be a baby goat, I love baby goats! They are the cutest!!!

A ram maybe? I don't know, my imagination isn't that big, I just want to know what it is already!

A faun, it has hooves and it has human-like features.

"You better run, the centaurs usually come around this time. They are very territorial, you should watch out." The voice says. "Centaurs?" You say out loud, "How could this be possible?!" "What do you mean?" The voice continues, "Stuff like this is normal! Oh wait... you're a human you're not special..." What do you reply?

"I can't believe you would say something like that! Yes, I am human but I did nothing wrong to you!"

"Okay? And? What's your point? I bet you're a lot dumber than I am, uglier too..."

"Yep! What are you?"

"I am a human but how dare you insult me like that you creep! You have been nothing but an annoying stalker this whole time!"

"Okay! Okay! I'm sorry!- Wait... quick! Hide! The centaurs are here!" The voice screams. You can hear marching hooves, something shooting through the air and yelling. What do you do?

Stay put, maybe you can make more friends! You are already kind-of friends with the voice, right?

Run to the nearest tree where you can get a better look at the voice, while being stealty of course.

Hide behind a bush but once you get there, brainstorm possible better options where you won't get seen. If the centaurs don't catch you while you're hiding, then run to your better option that you came up with.

Run towards the centaurs for a fight! You're ready to do something exciting.

Unfortunately, the centaurs spotted you. Some were about to attack, but their leader stopped them. "Who are you?" The leader says. "I'm __________." You answer. The centaurs give you an odd look but continue to ask you questions. Eventually, you got tired from all of this nonsense and tell them to stop. The centaurs didn't take that very well so they were about to attack when the voice steps out to rescue you. It has a silver tail with a silver mane, it has crystal blue eyes and a sparkling silver horn. A unicorn! It defends you and the centaurs run back angrily. What do you say to the unicorn?

"Thank you so much!" You say, "You have the most beautiful horn! What's your name by the way?"

"Thanks I guess, I could have defended myself easily though."

"Thank you! Can you take me outside of the forest now?"

"I knew you were a unicorn! I guess maybe you aren't that bad after all..."

"My name is Apollo, named after the God of music. I am the only unicorn in the world that can speak to both humans and animals, so you're lucky to meet me. I'll show you you're way out if you'd like." You nod and Apollo leads you back to your new school/job. How do you thank Apollo?

"Thanks again. I better get back home now, I need to continue reading my books."

"Thank you so much! I'm so grateful that you saved me and took me back!"

"You're pretty cool. I hope we meet again! Bye!"

"T-Thanks. This never usually happens to me."

You are now back at home and you can't stop thinking about what happened earlier. Your friend facetimed you a few minutes later, you wonder what this is about. "I was picking apples with my mom earlier." They say, "It was sooo boring. Hey what did you do?" What do you answer?

"Oh nothing much! I miss you bye!" You hang up on them and continue to wonder about Apollo, then you finally go to sleep after a long day.

You tell them everything what just happened, they say that they don'y believe you and you get mad at them and hang up.

"Reading, and studying. You know, the usual."

You don't tell them what happened, not because you want to lie or anything, you just don't want them to feel jealous so you tell them the highlight of your day yesterday.

You are Nala!

You are Cocoa!

You are Opal!

You are Pepper!