Quiz: I Am Hungry! What Should I Eat?

Quiz: I Am Hungry! What Should I Eat?
Can't decide on a dish after staring at the menu for half an hour? It happens especially when you want to try something new but are afraid of being disappointed. Just a few questions will help to reveal all your food preferences and the result will help you make the choice!

What would you like your world cruise to start with?

With an Asian country

With North America

I'll start with West Europe

Australia. The farther, the better

Why do people go to the restaurant in your opinion?

To celebrate something in a big way, it's expensive and chic

For pleasant pastime

To try something new and unusual

Just to eat

You go to a new country, go to a restaurant and its menu is in a foreign language. How will you choose a dish?

I'll take a dessert, you can't be wrong here

Great, I love exotics

I can recognize common classics everywhere

I'll ask the most expensive dish on the menu

You appear to be in a very expensive restaurant and you can afford only one dish. What it will be?

The main course, something unusual

The main course, which I know. To not to make a mistake

Life is too short! I'll switch to the dessert

Exquisite snacks

What will you take for s snack, if you know that there will be no time to have a meal?

A little bit of everything


A chocolate bar


What spices will you add to your dish?

A little bit of wine won't hurt

Everything what I have at hand

Salt, pepper, rosemary

Sugar and syrup will work great

Which of these soups is your favorite one?

Soup? I don't eat it


Pungent bean soup

French onion soup

Sunday morning, you want to treat yourself to a good breakfast. What will you cook?

What music does fit your supper better?

Light soft-core pop

Calm jazz

Something with local talent

Something jolly and brisk for a cheerful mind

Choose the restaurant's most attractive interior

Peking Roast Duck

You are a fan of unusual combinations, that's why this dish fits you perfectly! A duck with tangerine flapjacks or rice pancakes, green onion and Hoisin sauce is served on a big beautiful plate. It's cut into thin slices in front of guests. Toothsome, melting in your mouth meat slices can be eaten separately or rolled in pancakes. But the main thing that makes Peking duck special is a sweetish crust. It should be thin, crisp, and lean. Before roasting, a duck is rubbed with honey and garlic. This gives a unique taste. Tell the friends about your result, degust together!


Yes, it's expensive and quite specific, but believe us, something special hides under the solid shell. Escargot is an exquisite appetizer, which is served with white wine. To make it, snails are caught, taken out from the shell, seasoned with garlic oil and parsley, and then put back into the shell. So, to enjoy escargot you have to operate with a fork and special tools. Snails taste like mussels, but the former have a denser texture. Tell the friends about your result, degust together!


This dessert is a union of light, melting meringue and whipped cream looking like a ballet skirt. That's why the dish is named after Russian ballet dancer Anna Pavlova. To achieve full bliss, passionfruit, strawberry and kiwi are added to the dessert. Tell the friends about your result, degust together!

BBQ ribs

If there's the idea of American cuisine, BBQ is its vivid representative. BBQ ribs are made differently in different states. In Memphis, they have a wild flavor thanks to grated garlic, spices, tomatoes, and vinegar sauce. In Kansas, the ribs, on the contrary, are rubbed with sweet spices, sugar and honey; and barbecue is cooked very slowly. The locals of Saint Louis like the grill with a spicy tomato sauce. But regardless of the place of cooking, BBQ ribs are a very tasty meal. Tell the friends about your result, degust together!