Which Language Suits Your Personality?

Which Language Suits Your Personality?
Which foreign language suits your temperament, type of personality, and philosophy? We're going to find out right now!

In your opinion, what languages sound more attractive?

Melodic, singsong languages

Languages with hard and sharp sounds

Those with different intonations and semitones

Languages that are smooth and slow

Friends say ...

You are a dreamer

You have an infectious laugh and you always have fun

You are Mr. Order

You are a big hard worker

You are calm and friendly

Why do you learn languages?

Be a man of the world

Discover new cultures

Expand career opportunities

Watch movies and read literature in an original language

Communicate with a lot of cool people

What lesson did you like at most?


Art history  

Foreign language  



What are vacations?

A rest in a cozy family circle

Outdoor walks

Coping with an unfamiliar city and its culture

Parties with friends

Extreme sports

What would you give to your friend?

A modern gadget

A trip

A souvenir that will make him remember you

An unusual fashion accessory

A thing for his/her house

At the perfect party you...

Drink cocktails and dance

Play video games and eat sushi

Do needlework in a cozy room

Drink a beer and watch a sports match

Watch your favorite movie with friends

What is your greatest weakness?


Desire to control everything

Excessive emotionality


Inability to estimate your capacities

Are you ready to face the difficulties of learning a new language?

Not really, I'd like something easier

I am ready to cope with some difficulties

Yes, I am hardworking

Yes, I like complicated structures and meanings.

What is the best way to learn a language?


Reading and watching movies

Falling in love with a native speaker

Learning with a teacher

Self-studying at my place

Communication with like-minded people


You are looking for a language that could help you to expand your career opportunities, travel, and communicate around the world. English is an excellent choice. Maybe, you already have a good knowledge of it, and the test results are another confirmation of your choice? Good luck!


You love system order, structures, and you are looking for a language that will be as well-ordered as you are. German is an excellent choice.  It will open new business opportunities for you, and you can also feel that you're in the right place when visiting Oktoberfest.

Latin languages

When choosing a language you base on its expediency, practicality, and harmony. You like to explore new cultures, relax under the umbrellas of street cafes at sunny noon, and get warmed up with optimism of the local people and their zest for life. So, French, Italian, and Spanish will surely be the best choice for you.


People around you may consider you are otherworldly. You are an interesting creative person with a rich inner world. You love to contemplate the beauty and enjoy even an unhurried life flow. The language of the Land of the Rising Sun will help you look at the world and yourself from a new point of view.

Scandinavian languages

You would choose the unusual and melodious languages of Scandinavia, for example, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish or Finnish! Surprise your friends with your hobby and learn the Northern Hygge culture!


You know exactly what you want, and you are ready to work hard to achieve the result. The Chinese language will be an excellent tool to expand your influence in the East and conquer new heights in your business. Moreover, difficulties don't scare you)