Let the QUIZ find a perfect gift for her based on her personaliy

Let the QUIZ find a perfect gift for her based on her personaliy
There's always someone on your list who is impossible to shop for! Tell us about them and we'll help you find the perfect gift!

What can you say about her?

Always thoughtful

She always looks in the glass

I don't know

She's strict

What would she prefer as rest?

I cannot say

The ability to choose her own leisure activity

Supper on the beach

A photoset

Who is she for you?


Girlfriend or wife



What is a situation she can help with?

If I need to paint something

If one needs to choose between two dresses

If I need a piece of advice

If I need to take a test

What phrase best characterizes her?

"I have nothing to wear"

"I can't get anything done!"

"Hm... what's the name of that actor?"

Politeness phrases

How does she look?

Keeps up with the fashions

Wears casual clothes

Always follows dress code

I cannot say

How much do you plan to spend for the gift?


Up to $15


Over 60$

What should the gift have?

Simplicity, care




Does she have any allergies?

Yes, I know for what

Yes, but I don't remember what


I don't know

How long have you known each other?

For life

Several years

We've recently gotten acquainted

About a year

How close you are on a 10 score scale? (10 - very close)





Did she have something to give you?

Yes! And she knew what I wanted


It was more of a favour than a gift

Yes, but it was a thing I didn't need

For this romantic to the bone girl, perfume will be after her own heart

Do you know that memories are best transmitted through smells? It seems it is what such an airy-fairy and exquisite representative of the daughters of Eve wants! If you're afraid of a wronge choice, softly find out what perfume she has and pay her a compliment as well.

It seems she likes to keep everything under control! Give her a certificate

Did you notice that she prefers to take matters into her own hands? So it is. If you know her favourite store, go ahead and buy a certificate. If you don't know it, ask other girls what places they like to visit. The most frequent answer is the right decision!

She's a real yoke! This lady always wants to decorate herself

This girl is a gem! She always tries to be beautiful. You need to help her in her hard quest. Give her jewelry or beautiful imitation jewelry. She'll like it for sure!

The best gift for her is a handmade gift

It seems this is a hard nut to crack. But don't worry, there's a way out of this situation. A handmade gift is a safe choice! It will definitely make you closer, you'll open from a new side. There are a number of step-by-step tutorials and ideas on the Internet on this topic. Don't forget about the beautiful wrapping with a bow. Go ahead!