What Gift to Get for Him?

What Gift to Get for Him?

2019-02-25 21:25:08

Girls have a million thoughts and ideas, but when it comes to gifts, the head is out like a light. Hmm... How to surprise him? Tell us more about him and we'll help you to make the right choice. 

What can you say about him?

He's business-minded, serious

He’s the life of the party, active

I cannot say

He's quiet and coy

What does he carry around?

Papers, folders with documents

A sport bag


E-reader or a book

Who is he to you?


Boyfriend or husband



How does he often spend his time?

It's hard to follow him

Stays home

At work or on his studies

Plays sports

Did he give you a hint at some gift?

No, he never does like this

Yes, he said about it many times

He said about soething, but I didn't understand

No, he hasn't time to think about it

How much you plan to spend for the gift?


About $15


Over $60

On vacation, he'll definitely say yes to...


different physical activities

new useful acquaintances


What are his life plans?

To find himself

Build a career


It's hard to say

What would he give to you?

Something useful and practical

Little pleasant things

An expensive gift

A thing I'd ask or hint him to gave

How close are you on a scale from 1 to 10..? (10 - very close)





You can't imagine him without...


Strange hairdo



What will he say when he unwraps the gift ?

That's the the best gift ever!

Keeps silent

Wow, that's perfect

Nice, thanks

A backpack or a sports water bottle

Something from sport equipment or accessories would be the perfect choice for such an active representative of the male gender. A backpack where he can put all the things he needs and every time mentally say thank you would go great. Or maybe you noticed that he hasn't a water bottle? You can never have too many bottles. I hope, you understand my thread of thoughts.

A book

Oh, that's his craving for knowledge, which sometimes turns into dullness. You have to take advantage of this. Choose a book from the area that would be usefull for you too. Give it with a hint that you need help in this topic and no one can explain it better than he. He'll appreciate it for sure.

Make his day with tasty food

When you think that he has everything or do not know your way around, make a gift on your own. You don't need to make an origami or a feed box. It's better to make something tasty to make him happy. That's great if you know what he likes. If you don't - almost all men have a strong taste for eating meat. Find a great recipe with positive feedbacks or ask people you know what is better to cook. Don't forget about serving and holiday atmosphere.

A business card case or spa procedures

He's always in the middle of something, some business, some meetings. In general, this is great. Offer him a certificate to a men's spa center or think how you can complement his image. The gift shouldn't be too expensive. For example, a business card case in a bright wrapping paper and a box will look a worthy gift for a little money. P.S. If there are no cases, it can be a wallet :)