Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff or Slythering? Let The Sorting Hat Decide!

Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff or Slythering? Let The Sorting Hat Decide!
In the Harry Potter world, all Hogwarts students are sorted into four houses. Brave and honest students go to Gryffindor; smart and creative go to Ravenclaw; ambitious and loyal go to Hufflepuff, while the cunning and quick-witted go to Slytherin. Many notable wizards were the graduates of each House. Which House would you go to?

What animal would you like to be in another life?





What do you appreciate in people?

I like smart people with whom I can have an interesting talk

I like loyal and honest people who stand by their friends

I love people who differ from the others and have a good sense of humor, with whom I can compete

I like people who don't gossip about me when I don't hear

In your free time you:

Make a plan how to reach your aim



Look for adventures

Do you have many friends?

Yes, I have some close friends

I have many friends

I have a couple of best friends

No, I don't have close friends

What is your strength?

I'm quick-witted

I'm brave

I'm hard-working

I'm smart

What is your main disadvantage?

My jokes may hurt sometimes

I'm bad at meeting new people

Sometimes I can't stand up for myself

I have a talent at finding troubles

Whom of these characters do you like more?

Severus Snape

Cedric Diggory

Sirius Black

Luna Lovegood

What class at Hogwarts would be your favorite?





You were caught in the hall at night. What will you do?

Run away

Accept punishment

Try to talk yourself out of the problem


What wand will you choose?

Ash and unicorn hair

Alder and unicorn hair

Walnut and dragon heartstring

Holly and phoenix feather

Tomorrow is the exam. How are you going to get ready for it?

I'm not going to get ready, my reputation will do everything for me

I'll be studying with my friends

I know everything but I'm going to repeat

Wait till the last minute and then in panic read the notes of other students

What drink will you choose?


Pumpkin juice




Congratulations, Gryffindor student! You are brave and noble, you always stand firm for your friends and keep your word.  Welcome to the family!


Congratulations, Ravenclaw student! You are smart and witty, you like learning and you differ from the others. Welcome to the family!


Congratulations, Hufflepuff student! You are hard-working and determined, loyal to your friends and always there for them in a hard situation. Welcome to the family!


Congratulations, Slytherin student! You are ambitious, quick-witted, smart and always have something to say. Nothing can stop you when you want to reach your aim and you are surrounded by the atmosphere of mystery.  Welcome to the family!