The Ultimate Hair Type Quiz

The Ultimate Hair Type Quiz
Knowing your hair and scalp type are important for styling, care, and choosing products. In modern cosmetology, hair is divided into four types: oily, normal, dry, or combination. Take this quiz and find out your hair type.

How many times a week do you need to wash your hair so it doesn't look dirty?

Do you have some problems with head skin?

Greasy scurf


After washing, there's a feeling of tightened skin

There's scurf, but it almost invisible

Do you have brittle hair?

I don't see this problem

Rather yes

Coarse hair


Can you call your curls shining?

Your hair quickly dries after washing.

Does your hair subject to static electricity?

Rather no

Yes, very much

Only in the winter after a cap

Only ends electricize

Do you have voluminous hair?

Voluminous only at the ends, and it looks sleeky at the roots


It's light and flies all the time

After washing, very voluminous but quickly loses the volume

Is it easy for you to comb the hair after washing even if you didn't use a conditioner?

If you come to a hair salon with freshly washed hair, does the hairstylist wash your hair with shampoo?

Yes, otherwise the hairdo will not look fresh

Sometimes she has to


It depends on the season

How does your hair react to dying?

No discomfort, but the resulting shade can be not intense

I feel light tingling during dying, the resulting shade is right the one in the dye box

I feel itching and tingling during dying, the resulting shade is intenser than I planned

Everything's fine

You have normal hair

As it is seen from the name, normal hair type is strong, shining hair with head skin without scurf. It's easy to care for them: it's enough to wash your head two times a week. The owners of this hair type are lucky: they're capable of any styling, the hairdo easily takes aby shape. And even untressed hair looks great. Share this quiz on social media - let's see which hair type you gals have.

You have dry hair

Dry hair type can be due to genetic features, but most often this is the shortage of vitamins and nutrient materials in the body. If your hair looks brittle, dull and lifeless, hard to comb and style, this is a signal to change your lifestyle: review the diet, look after your health more carefully and avoid stress. Share this quiz on social media - let's see which hair type you gals have.

You have oily hair

The reason why hair becomes greasy fast is incorrect functioning of the head's oil bags and excessive generation of surface skin fat. Oily hair looks unkempt and quickly gets dirty. It's very hard to make oily hair look voluminous. To normalize the balance of head skin, you need, above all things, to refrain from fat food and fast carbs. Share this quiz on social media - let's see which hair type you gals have.

You have combination hair

In the case of combination hair type, fat spreads across skin and hair unevenly - oily roots and dry ends. Often, it's a result of negligent attitude to the issue: for example, too often chemical procedures, styling with curling iron and hairdryer without thermal protective aids, long staying in the sun, etc. Share this quiz on social media - let's see which hair type you gals have.