What Diet is Best for Me Quiz

What Diet is Best for Me Quiz
Are you hoping to lose a couple of pounds by summer? Working out is a great start, but changing your diet will make the largest difference. Which diet to choose? Take our quiz and we'll tell you how to get ready for beach season properly and, most important, tastefully! 

How much do you like sport?

I like to be active, I walk a lot but don’t practice anything

Does watching football on TV count?

I like to try something new – some hot yoga or something like this

Yes, I often spend time at gym

What your character trait you can be proud of?

Energy overfills me

I can listen to people, empathize, I always encourage and help

I'm always on top of things

I'm a very discreet and calm person

From tomorrow you're on a diet, it means today...

I need to make up a general nutrition plan, to prepare everything

I need to look for inspiration, to check celebrities’ photos

Have it large!

I’ll tell my friends about it, they’ll support me

You need a diet to:

Work off excess weight, but calmly without stress

Step-by-step shift to other dietary regime

Lose weight. Quickly!

Try something new. I like experiments

A bad diet is when you:

Always want to eat

Lose only 1 pound

When you have no inspiration and an alive example in front of your eyes

Swallow some powders and pills

You are sitting home alone. What dinner will you have?

I'll make a salad. That's simple

It seems I have 2 pound of potatoes. I’ll boil it and eat all day long

I'll cook a soup, it's healthy and simple

Some little beautiful dish. And at the pretty table prepared

So, you keep a diet. Well done! And what about birthday?

I had to achieve the result before the B-day. And to go upon the tiles on the holiday

No cake - not a big deal

So what? I never make feasts anyway

I’ll make some awesome healthy tasty food

Most often you have a snack when:

Someone treats me. You can't refuse

If I see something mouth watering and can't resist

When I feel hunger

When breakfast wasn't enough

And what if you gain weight being on a diet? Things do happen

That's it, I'll never trim down

A bad diet, looking for another

I remove some product from my diet for some time

So what? I'll wait

Do you have favorite food?

I adore vegetables. This is simple, quickly and tasty

Yes - avocado, wheat germs, chia seeds. This is so healthy!

Diet coke and chocolate

I like everything

Choose the best combination:

Healthy and easy

Quickly and easy

Beautiful and tasty

Healthy and tasty

If you're cooking pasta, you prefer...


Just with parmesan

With Pesto sauce


Mono Diet

You don't want to wait for the result for a long time, that's why you need an effective and quick method. A mono diet is a perfect option. The meaning of this diet is that the body gets only one or two products, and it takes more energy to digest it than this product can give. Of course, this is what you need to lose weight, but this is real stress for the body. That's why don't be carried away with these experiments. Tell your friends about this quiz, let's check what fits them!


You don't want to keep any strict diets, besides, you haven't the goal to lose weight. Vegetarianism, which means full abstinence from meat, will fit you. This diet is long and if your body gets accustomed to this dietary regime, vegetarianism may become a lifestyle. Maybe, you'll even save a couple of animals. Tell your friends about this quiz, let's check what fits them!

Diet from a Celebrity

You like everything new and fashionable and don't mind experimenting, that's why a diet from some celebrity will fit you. Choose a famous person you like and follow the star's tips. However, you shouldn't trust stranger's receipts completely since we all have different eating habits and features. Tell your friends about this quiz, let's check what fits them!

Dukan Diet

You don't like experiments, especially you can't stand experiments on your body since health is a holy thing. Then choose the time-proved dietary regime approved by a number of people - a no-carb diet. It means that a person consumes protein products and reduces carb food to a minimum for a long time. Tell your friends about this quiz, let's check what fits them!