Communication Styles Quiz: What's Your Communication Style?

Communication Styles Quiz: What's Your Communication Style?
We all have different styles of communication. Some radiate energy and positivity, while others keep all their emotions bottled up. All these people communicate differently, and to avoid conflicts and misunderstandings you need to know your communication style. Take this quiz and find out!

Choose your role at a friends' party

A boss who watches everyone and their brother

A timid boy/girl standing apart

A person who is hopping from one to another and makes new friends

I act as host and monitor that everyone feels homish

I base the majority of decisions on my emotions and feelings

If you see a missed call, what's the first idea coming to your mind?

Why did he call?

Why does he bother me?

Who could it be?

Did something bad happen?

What word does describe you better?





When you are talking, what emotions does a person you are talking expect to see?

My very active mimics

Calm and a friendly smile

Slightly frown brows

A stare into the soul

What's your main merit?

My self-organization

The ability to listen to

The ability to make new friends

Attention to details

How does your voice sound?

Base and persuasive

Quiet and calm

High and merry

Quiet, dull and thoughtful

What does hang on the wall in your room?

My crazy photos from parties

Certificates, diplomas, and other trophies

Memorable photos, postcards, drawings

Beautiful posters, art reproductions

If someone says that you're a very funny person, how do you feel about it?

Choose the company you'll go for a movie night with:

What's your attitude towards teamwork?


This style of communication can be conditioned by two things: the need for doing something and the desire to manage this process. Leaders-people better reveal themselves under conditions when they manage others and take over control of the situation. Dedicated and goal-oriented, they are focused on the final outcome and success. This psychology of the go-getting person makes them born leaders, but this also means that they may seem impatient, too demanding and hard-boiled to close ones. Tell the friends about your result. Let's see whether they agree!


Socializer is a person who likes communicating with others, eagerly enters the dialogues and takes an interest in people around them. The majority of people adore them. This type of communication is typical of you since it's always fun with you, you make others laugh and open up more being in the spotlight. Charismatic and active, socializers always want to be where something's going on. They're eternal optimists who are able to promote their vision and goals. Though their enthusiasm and charm make them influential people, sometimes they can be impulsive, take a bad risk. Besides, it's very hard for them to be alone. Tell the friends about your result. Let's see whether they agree!


This style of communication is typical of analysts and decision making-oriented people. Methodic and attentive to details, thinkers, as a rule, slowly make decisions, carefully contemplate the choice they make. Before deciding on something, they weight pluses and minuses and consider the problem from different angles. Their high expectations in regard to others and themselves may result in looking too critical and pessimistic. Thinkers are perfectionists by nature and most often prone to scepticism. Tell the friends about your result. Let's see whether they agree!

PR person

Those who always think about people around - as a rule, warm, caring people who appreciate interpersonal relationships above all things. They are devoted employees, loyal friends and excellent acquaintances, indeed. Peacemakers by nature, they often avoid conflicts and oppositions. They're also perfect team members since they're always ready to strike up new acquaintances and share duties. As thinkers, they carefully plan and aren't tend to risk. They appreciate reliability, balance, and sincerity. Tell the friends about your result. Let's see whether they agree!