What is your fetish?

What is your fetish?
The types of fetishes are numerous and diverse. But whatever they may be, they have something in common, namely, the "object" the appeal is directed to. It can be anything - from a body part to an act of nature, from a sound to a social situation. People's preferences are purely individual, take this quiz and find out your fetish!

What picture you may put as your phone's wallpaper?

If you come to a shopping mall, what place do you visit first?

I'll go to the first store and then to the fitting-room. I like trying everything.

To a dress or shoe store

To a store with awesome mannequins

To a store with fine bags or shoes. I like the smell of leather a lot

Which of these photos is the most attractive one in your opinion?

What this picture does remind you of?

A person's face

An internal organ

A clothing piece

Something related to animals

You see a person you don't know but like a lot. What does attract you?

He's very nicely and stylishly dressed.

He somewhat resembles me

He has a great body

His look is cool, he has trendy accessories

What will you give your friend for his birthday?

A stylish polo shirt

A beautiful nu photo

A picture of me, as a keepsake

A fine belt or wallet

What will you pay attention to on the first date?

To my reflection in the mirror. I should be sure I look good

To the clothes of my partner

To my partner's body

Is it a leather jacket? Not bad. Aye, an expensive belt and watch. Great

Which of these photos is an artwork for you?

What do you think about this picture?

How can you describe your style?

I like all the beautiful clothes

I've got a great figure, I should show it

Details are the most important - belt, gloves and so on

Everything fits me. Whatever I put on, I'm unmatched.

Clothing and shoes

As a rule, the things related to the representatives of the opposite or same sex (depends on the orientation) become fetishes. The common men's fetishes are, for example, underwear, stockings, tights, shoes. Probably, even uniform. This kind of fetishism can be accompanied by putting on other person's clothes. Cisvetism - the desire to wear clothes that don't correspond to one's age or social status - can be also be added to this category.

Body parts

Sometimes the parts of the human body, such as hair, feet and legs, are of particular interest for a fetishist. The body's structure features, appearance details, the human body's anomalies and the state of pregnancy can become fetishes. The photo of the objects under question can also be a fetish.

Physical fetishism

You can talk about physical fetishism when a person is sexually aroused by particular areas of the body, the characteristics of his/her partner. It can take a shape of narcissism (one's own body or its movements are the object of desire) or can be even more complex if a person identifies himself/herself with someone else. It's usually achieved by make-up or changing clothes. Besides, a person with different skin color or, for example, eyes color can be the object of interest.

Symbolic fetishism

This fetishism is often equated with retifism - a drive, which people may experience for the pieces made of a particular material. As a rule, retifists are attracted to latex or leather. Or, rather, belts, gloves and other wardrobe attributes. Retifists want their partner to stay with the thing that arouses them and treat it as a necessary component of passion.