Quiz: Check Your Karma Level

Quiz: Check Your Karma Level
Do you think that karma is something mystic and unclear? It's not so complicated! You simply weigh all your actions - good and bad - and see which prevails. We'll do it for you - find out whether you're beaming kindness and positivity!

Forgiveness Is a Sign of Strength. Do you agree?

Your friend's calling you in the middle of the night and asks you to borrow him a great sum of money. What will you answer him?

You'll do everything you can

You'll borrow a little just to get rid of him

You'll give no money but try to help with a piece of advice

You'll hang up, propably, this is frauds

Which of these pictures describes your childhood memories best?

What's your attitude toward revenge?

Waste of time

It must be served sooner or later

A kind of arts

It's destructive for both

If someone asks for your advice, what will you answer?

Let him make out on his own

I'll intentionally recommend to you what he shouldn't do

I'll give a word of advice but warn him that he shouldn't follow it blindly

I'll try to explain that everyone has its own way and advice makes no sense

A passerby comes to you outside and asks to accompany him to some place because he's lost. What are the chances that you'll go with him?

Should you give people the second chance?

Yes, otherwise they won't become better

Yes, but you need to treat them carefully

No, you need to cut them out of your life right away

No, your relations will never be the same

Your glass is always

Half filled

Half empty

If something bad happens, what's your reaction?

Feel down and lose motivation

Quit and proceed to other cause

Try to understand what did go wrong and try to fix it

Just keep going, it's no big deal

When your friend's birthday's coming up you…

Getting ready in advance and think about the present

Recall it at the last minute

Don't remember about it at all

What is impossible to stand?

Intense physical pain

Other people's stupidness

Hunger and thirst

Insolent attitude

Unrequited love

What picture describes your mood?

Positive karma

Your karma is all the things you managed to do throughout life. And it seems you always make it right. And even if something goes wrong you can accept and rather gain invaluable experience than lose your heart. Now this has worked out for you and your loan in the karmic thriftbox allows you to live a calm and level life. Well done! Share your result with friends to inspire them for good deeds!

Negative karma

Your karma is all the things you managed to do throughout life. And it seems you don't always think whether you do the right thing. All the more so when something goes wrong you cannot accept it and just lose your heart. Now you're in the hole and your loan in the karmic thriftbox makes you feel uneasy and restless. You need to fix it right away - let's go to good causes! Share the result with friends, maybe one of them needs your help!