There Are Three Types of Friends: Which One Are You?

There Are Three Types of Friends: Which One Are You?
Every relationship is unique, and no friend can be replaced! Some seek adventure, others are great listeners, and some are always asking for help! Take the test and find out what kind of friend you are!

You win the lottery and get a big sum of money, how will you spend it?

I'll throw an awesome party

I'll buy a present for my best friend

I'll put it in the bank. You need to be smarter and not to spend everything

I'll gather friends to go on a journey

A person you know is calling you late and asks to meet him at the airport since he's in this city for the first time. Your actions?

I don’t know anything. I'm somewhere in Bali

I'll help, of course

I won't go on my own but arrange everything

I'll try but cannot promise anything

My friends can always rely upon me. Completely and totally

A typical story - you come out of the pub with your friends late in the night. A passer-by comes to you and asks to light up. You?

I'll disappear

It will end with a heart to heart talk and drifting apart

Not a big deal. A couple of right words and pressure is off

Well, I don't know. But whatever happens, I'll fight till the end

How do you feel about cozy evenings in a small friends' company?

What's your main quality?

The ability to make a holiday out of nothing

I'll never let you down

Showy leadership talents

The ability to hear and listen to

Suppose, you need to go to a very boring lecture. What will you do?

I'll go. Besides, I need to mark those who are absent and write the summary for them

I don’t know anything. I'll leave anyway

I'll go, have a chat there with somebody

I'll ask the headman to mark me and someone else to write the summary for me

What's the closest thing about you?

Heh, I do understand you, there was a case…

Look, I have a cool idea...

Of course, I'll help, no problem.

Text me when you get home

How to make a good present?

To buy something a person is dreaming for a long time. Even if it's something very expensive

Just ask what a person wants

To throw a party

To chip in together and buy something cool and make a surprise too

How do you think, what's your role?

I'm the leader

I'm just a good friend

I'm a troublemaker

I'm a man of his word

Loyal and faithful friend

There are people who are willing to do anything for a close friend. They never forget about your birthday, cat allergy or your favorite movie. They are always already there in difficult situations, ready to lend their ears and help you. It's this friend you call when you need to take something from the other end of the city, cover your back at work or just when you feel sad and lonely. So you're this friend. And what good deed your people did in the previous life to earn it? Make sure to tell about your result, since you're such a cool friend!


Do you know such toys called jack in the box? Friends can also be like this. You like to appear all of the sudden with the craziest and funny ideas and offers, entice people you know into the whirlpool of adventures and then suddenly disappear in a similar fashion since you need to take a rest and gain strength. It's never boring with you, however, one shouldn't expect stability from you. Make sure to tell about your result, since you're such a cool friend!


This person has always everything under control. That's not a problem to go into the intelligence business with him/her, get lost in the woods or go to a party on Friday evening. His/her duties are to monitor that everybody gathers in time and in the right place, then to give them all a ride home and make sure that everything is fine. So you always make decisions too, aren't afraid of taking responsibility and know just everything. Make sure to tell about your result, since you're such a cool friend!


This person is necessary to moan to or experience a heavy charge of support. This friend is a perfect candidate for this honorable role. You can complain about your job, relationship or just a bad day - he/she will listen to you. Listen attentively, offer advice, tap on the shoulder and tell, for comparison, about his/her troubles and woes, after that your ordeals will seem much less hard. Perhaps, this is not your best friend, but, certainly, a close person you trust. And who trusts you. Make sure to tell about your result, since you're such a cool friend!