Find the Right Design Style Based On Your Personality

Find the Right Design Style Based On Your Personality
A comfortable place to come home to after a difficult day is everybody's dream. When designing your apartment you should consider your habits and temperament. Take this test and find your perfect apartment design!

How often do you have guests?

Very rarely, I don't like when people visit my apartment

Almost every day

Every week

Once or twice a month

What kind of music do you like?

I love soul and folk

I love club and lively music

It depends on my condition

I prefer classic melodies

If I could go anywhere, I would go to ...





How do you feel about a messy apartment?

I get nervous when things are scattered everywhere.

I see nothing terrible about it.

I like a little creative chaos

I try to keep the house clean. But sometimes I can't find time to clean it.

What colors do you like in the interior?

Light and natural colors

Modest and muted tones

The brighter the better

Rich, but natural colors

Most of all I like ...

What plants would you choose to decorate your apartment?

Cacti and succulents

No plants

Palm trees or other tropical plants

Roses and orchids

What curtain fabrics would you choose?

Light fabrics: organza or chiffon

Simple linen as I like its texture

Anything with unusual patterns

Velvet or velor

Which of these would be the house of your dreams?

Little house in the mountains

Spacious apartment with high ceilings

Oceanfront Bungalow

Castle in the south of France

What gift would you like to receive for housewarming?

Something cozy, for example, a blanket

A picture by a popular modern artist

An exotic thing brought from a trip abroad

A graceful vase or a gold-framed mirror

What type of rest do you prefer?

Walks in the forest or in the mountains

Parties with friends

Something unusual such as quests or archery classes

Visiting an exhibition or a theater

My favorite food is ...

Vegetable salad




The Scandinavian or eco-friendly style is for you

The Scandinavian style is comfortable and light. It is distinguished by a light decoration, a large number of white and bright color accents. Furniture is simple, but as functional as possible. Huge windows without curtains and a lot of natural light are the hallmarks of this style. The Scandinavian design is similar to the eco-style. It involves the use of environmentally friendly materials - stone, wood, natural fabrics, glass, and clay, as well as natural colors- walnut, milk, and beige. These two styles are not only perfect for you, but they are also easily combined with each other Share this test on the social networks and learn the test results of your friends.

Loft or the Pop art style is for you

Rainbow colors and bright forms are the distinctive feature of Pop art style. Ordinary paintings, photographs, and other things receive new meaning, and they become works of art. Popular accessories have an unusual design are common: glowing dishes, a pink statuette, a cartoon lamp, and other eccentric ideas. Today, the Loft style is getting popular. It's characterized by the abundance of open space and presence of industrial elements (very high ceilings, bare brick walls, open beams and pipes, and cement floor). Both of these styles are perfect for you. Share this test on the social networks and learn the test results of your friends.

Eclectic style is for you

The Eclectic style combines various styles. It's suitable for those, who love extraordinary solutions. The style is characterized by various colors and textures, repeated patterns, and prints and ornaments. There are no restrictions in the color palette. As for the furniture, a classic sofa and a high-tech hassock are perfectly combined here. The main thing is a perfect design. But according to the test results you can easily handle it! Share this test on the social networks and learn the test results of your friends.

Classic style is for you

Clear geometric shapes, restrained decor, and plain walls are the main features of the Classic style. Stucco moulding is used as decoration, archesi are presented instead of doors, expensive materials and solid wooden furniture prevail here. The colors are usually light, but dark wood furniture and bright covering can be combined. This style is suitable for those who appreciate timeless fashion. Share this test on the social networks and learn the test results of your friends.