What's Your Leadership Style?

What's Your Leadership Style?
Everybody dreams to become a leader with authority and influence. We imagine ourselves as decisive, confident, and active people. This can be achieved in different ways. Let's see what kind of leader you would be and how you should form an efficient team!

When comparing people with animals. which description is more suitable?


Wolf pack


How will you react if anyone criticizes you?

I know the right way. I don't want other people to teach me

I'm going to pretend that I listen. And then I will deal with everything by myself

Any criticism should be listened and heard.

If you were a master of sports then it should be in...

Long disputes

Staring game

Giving useful tips

You need a suitable occasion to with meet friends. What is the occasion?

Friendship anniversary

Celebration of my promotion

Just to hang out

What is your absolute talent?

I always find ways to help

I have the ability to refuse

Fresh thinking

In order to make you doubt in something one should...?

Bring forward strong arguments

It's absolutely useless. I know better

It's enough to ask "Why?"

What color will you choose?




Which of these books do you like more?

'Thus spoke Zarathustra' by Friedrich Nietzsche

'Fight Club' by Chuck Palahniuk

'The Count of Monte Cristo' by Alexandre Dumas

Imagine that you want cranberry juice. You go to a store, but it isn't there. What will you do?

I'll call friends and ask them to help me find me some.

Okay, I'll buy something else

I'll complain to the adminstrator. With no organization it's a nightmare!

You head a troop of 500 people. How will you ensure the discipline?

Only severe punishments

I'll try to prove to them that they have to respect me

I'll hold a meeting and ask them to fulfill my orders

You are the chief architect of the city. What are your next steps?

I'll change everything in my own fashion

I will not restyle anything, I'll just make some amendments

I will conduct a survey among the population to find out people's preferences

Your main weakness is ...


Austerity that sometimes becomes excessive

Self confidence

You need to work to



Gain experience

Authoritarian leader

Nobody would mess with you! You prefer to concentrate the power in your hands, so as you can choose goals, objectives, and ways of their achievement single-handedly. The communication between the team members is minimal. The main deterrence is the threat of punishment, inflated demands, and fear of your staff. You save a lot of time, because you don't discuss and argue, you take responsibility, make quick decisions, and implement them quite clearly. However, it's possible to suppress any initiatives of your followers. Be careful! Share your results with your friends to show them, whom they should be afraid of!

Democratic leader

You usually respect your team. There is no fear, punishment or inflated demands here. You easily give free rein to your staff and let them do what they consider necessary. They are always full of initiatives and creative proposals and their responsibility grows at the same time. You encourage communication within the team, even personal relationship resulting in cohesion and friendship. However, lack of clarity of decisions and weak control may cause negative effects. Share your results with friends to show them who is the real leader!

Charismatic leader

You can lead and inspire your team. You've got the leader powers, because the team likes your personal qualities rather than due to your strength or mind. Your talent and communication abilities caught your team's fancy. A charismatic leader seems to be exceptional and flawless. He seems to have supernatural capabilities allowing him to lead the crowd. However, such implicit faith doesn't always ensure right decisions and effective work, so be careful! Share your results with friends.