What Kind of Man Does Suit Me?

What Kind of Man Does Suit Me?
Do you think a perfect man doesn't exist? Wrong! You just need to decide on who you're looking for and recognize him in the crowd. A clear view always makes the search easier. This quiz will help you understand what man you can call your significant other.

Let's make it clear: why do you need a man now?

I want new emotions like riding on a roller-coaster

I lack beautiful dating, fair words

I want to start a family. Kids, fireplace and a dog

I want to feel power and support

What is your perfect date?

The best dates are quick dates to not to be annoyed with each other

We just walk around and hold hands

Everything is very romantic - candles, flowers and music

He calls and says we're going to the restaurant in an hour

You with your friend come to the cafe. A man next to you attracts your attention. What is he like?

Describe a perfect relationship with one word:





The necessary detail of a flawless look is...

A polo T-shirt

A half-open shirt

A cool tattoo

An expensive watch

The first date can be spoiled by..

The absence of a bunch of flowers

His unkempt appearance

His boring story about his job and grunge attitude

Greed. He shouldn't roll his eyes if I take a glass of champagne

How your wedding should look like?

Love is trust. Agree?

You've got a message, kind of "Hi, let's go to the club". Your reaction?

What hobby can you share with your man?

Your future is…

Future with him? Thanks, but no thanks.

Well, first we'll buy a flat, then a car…

The main thing is to keep it romantic

First, he'll propose to me

Bad Guy

It's easy to recognize this man by a leather jacket and a cool tattoo. It's not a secret that he has a natural charisma, which attracts and delights the opposite sex. You never know what to expect from him since the bad guy is capable of anything, especially for his other half. As a rule, girls who look for support, protection and breaknecking emotions at the same time are predisposed to this type. Tell your friends about this quiz, we'll find a man for them too!

Don Juan

You can recognize a real Don Juan by beautiful dating and fair words. You may meet him in the creative environment - as a rule, hi's an artist, writer, actor or just the owner of fiery temperament. This man is always intelligent, well-read and has an eye for dealing with the opposite sex, which makes him so attractive. Tell your friends about this quiz, we'll find a man for them too!

Family Man

A common stable type that is most often met in everyday life. He's calm and hard-working at work but has various hobbies: cars, dacha, fishing, and so on. The family man is faithful and loyal. The same girl gets into his net - who wants to start a family, whose union will be quiet and peaceful. Tell your friends about this quiz, we'll find a man for them too!


The perfect partner for you is one who seeks to build a career and advance. He's very committed, always achieves what he wants and never loses his heart facing problems. However, remember that he's closely tied to his job and may spend all his free time there. Even if the business day is over, he goes to advanced training classes or shuts himself in his room and learns something new. Tell your friends about this quiz, we'll find a man for them too!