What Kind Of Person Are You Actually? Personality Quiz

Lada Khramova
What Kind Of Person Are You Actually? Personality Quiz
It's very hard to see ourselves from an outside perspective and know how other people see us. You might look like a funny and carefree person, but your state of mind could be the opposite. This quiz can help you understand yourself and hear your inner voice, determine your motivation and behaviour!

What will you coming across a friend you haven't seen in a while?

Will be screaming in delight and hugging him

I let him know that I'm happy to see him

Might hug or shake his hand

Just say Hey!

What if it's a person you don't want to see?

I say Hey! and walk away

So sad! Is that a bad omen?

Let him know I'm not happy to see him

Alrighty, I say Hey! and chat with him

When talking to people you usually:

Cross your arms or interlace your fingers

Touch the person you're talking to

Keep your hands still without gesturing

Actively gesture

Your friend made an extremely funny joke. You:

Laugh at the top of my lungs

Laugh, but not loudly

Manage a smile

Laugh quietly

You were late for meeting. What would you do?

I don't show up at all

Try to sneak in without being noticed

Come in as usual and apologize

Make my arrival remarkable

You're focused on your work, but hear someone inviting you to take a break. How would you react?

What do you see in your dreams most often:

I fight with someone

I'm talking to someone, being active

I fly or swim

I fall

How often do you stay alone?

Can you hold a conversation with strangers?

What do you feel at the happiest moments of your life?

I'm overwhelmed with emotions, can't control them

I'm overwhelmed with emotions but I can control them

I'm just glad

I share my joy with friends and family

Optimistic person

Your temperament type is sanguine; it means you're optimistic and cheerful. People with sanguine temperament are usually humorous, emotional, sociable and in a good mood. Failures don't bother you. You create a cheerful atmosphere in any company, but tend to fail to keep your promises. Sometimes you are too quick in judging people and self-confident. What will this test tell about your friends? Share it to find out!

Active person

Your temperament type is choleric; it means you're passionate, brave, sometimes even restrained. These people always show their initiative, eagerly start any work, except for monotonous, and easily deal with difficulties. You're a fast learner, catch on fast, have necessary traits to be a leader. However, you might be impatient and hot-tempered that lead to emotional breakdown. What will this test tell about your friends? Share it to find out!

Calm person

Your temperament type is phlegmatic; it means you're calm and restrained. It might hard for you to adapt to a new environment. Uncomfortable atmosphere might turn you into a passive and sluggish person. Self-control, patience and enterprise are your main traits that can be revealed in a suitable environment. What will this test tell about your friends? Share it to find out!

Sensitive person

Your temperament type is melancholic; it means you're too sensitive and even pessimistic. These people are sensitive to failures, have tendency to depression and apathy. They are suspicious and jealous. However, you have excellent analytical thinking, creative approach to any task, deep understanding of things. You always carry your job through. What will this test tell about your friends? Share it to find out!