Which Musical Era Should You Have Been Born In?

Which Musical Era Should You Have Been Born In?
Large-scale festivals or underground concerts? Find out what period in the history of music development perfectly fits you. 

Choose a track:

Jefferson Airplane - Somebody to Love

The Clash - Should I Stay or Should I Go

Motley crue - Dr. Feelgood

Nirvana - Heart shaped box

What do you think where the musicians of your favourite band live?

If someone invites you to a band, what musical instrument would you play?

Electric guitar


I don't play, I sing!

The louder, the better

What is more important in a song?

Of course, lyrics

A great melody

Effective looks

Drive is the main thing

What songs do you like?

About love and freedom

The band's image in more important

Which help to loose to feelings


Where does the perfect weekend take place?

What movie would you prefer?

About intellectual development

A drama

Art house

An action movie

What clothing style do you prefer?

Provoking! The main thing is to catch everybody's eye

Plain, dark colors

Rough shoes and leather jacket - a perfect combination

Free and comfortable

Choose an image

What character feature is about you?





What do you usually do at a concert?

Crowd serfing

Sipping a beverage in vip area

Dying for slam

Listening to music quietly

Make love not war

Grandiose festivals in the open air, bright colors, inner freedom - all this is about hippie subculture. Music helped hippies to self-express emotionally, spiritually, politically. Music can affirm, give a voice to a movement and even unite. You may like the creativity of these bands: jefferson airplane, the beatles, grateful dead.

Punk’s Not Dead!

The tracks of Sex Pistols, The Clash and Ramones can be found in your playlist? It seems crazy garage concerts were created for you. A sea of drive, slam and rampant energy of punk concerts.

The era of grunge!

You know the lyrics of "Smells like teen spirit" by heart? Can easily tell all studio albums of Nirvana? It seems the grunge style is about you. We also recommend you to check the creativity of Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots.

The era of glam rock!

Adore scandalous behaviors and bright images, like to express yourself with the help of eye-catching clothes? You would definitely like the concerts of Kiss, Mötley Crüe, Roxy Music!