Quiz: Which Musical Instrument Will Suit You The Most?

Quiz: Which Musical Instrument Will Suit You The Most?
Are you having trouble choosing what musical instrument is right for you? This test will help determine which instrument is the best for you!

What is your favorite music genre?

Classical music, blues, and symphonic metal

Pop, jazz, and electronic music

Rock, Hip hop, and Reggae

How would you describe your voice?

Gentle, calm, and musical

Quite loud and clear

Deep, loud and harsh

What do you prefer?

Ballet or theater

Cinema or party

Rock or rap concert!

What band do you like better?

The Beatles

Imagine Dragons


How good are your communication skills?

I'm shy. I listen more than I talk

I like to be in the limelight at any party

Everybody loves me because I'm the star of any party.

Why do you want to play musical instruments?

It's beautiful

I want to learn something new

I want to have my band

What are you good at?

Painting, sewing, and design

Arranging events and dances

Computers and coming up with good ideas

What sounds are the most pleasant?

Sea, foliage, and rain sounds

Baby laughing and fireworks

Thunder blasts and road noise

What is your ideal city?

St. Petersburg

New York


What is the most important thing in music?

Clean sound and harmony

Composition and lightness

Rhythm and energy

What color do you like more?




How do you like to travel?

On foot or by bike  

By plane  

By car

What do you do when you listen to music?

I imagine something nice

I dance and sing along

I drum to the rhythm

What is the shape of your hands?

Long and thin hands

Medium size, thick, and round hands

Wide and big hands

What artist would you have on your playlist?

Violin, flute or harp are right for you!

You are an extraordinary person with a delicate psyche and complex mental organization. But at the same time you are quite persistent and thoughtful. Your sensitivity and sensuality will help to master these musical instruments to perfection! Share the results with your friends. Maybe, there is someone, who can teach you to play these instruments.

Piano and saxophone are right for you!

You are an attentive and many-sided person. You lIke to be in the limelight at a party. So, your musical instruments must also be self-sufficient, bright, and multifaceted. Share the results with your friends. And they will know, what concerts they should ask you to visit!

Guitar, trumpet, and drums are right for you!

You have a very bright and sparkly personality. You love life in all its manifestations, and you need a musical instrument to match your character. Share the test results with friends to have a rock party together!