What is Your Office Personality?

What is Your Office Personality?
All kinds of office employees work in companies. Every person is unique but if we take a closer look at the staff, we can notice some distinctive types of people. Which type of employee are you? Take the test and find out :)

Do you often talk to colleagues?

Do they often seek your help?

All the time



I offer my help

Do you always follow the dress-code?

Of course

Yes, but sometimes I make exceptions



Do you often drink tea/coffee at work?

How do you feel about gossips at work?

Are you afraid of your boss?

No, let him be afraid of me instead

Yes, sometimes he scares the daylights out of me

I'm rather aware of him

No, but I don't keep company with him neither

What do you do at corporate parties?

Have fun like there's no tomorrow

Have a nice talk

Quietly sit in the snug

Don't visit corporate parties

What your feature are you proud of?

The ability to gain information


The ability to make arrangements

The ability to create a favourable atmosphere


You like transferring knowledge to people sometimes against their will :) Your easily gather people around you thanks to developed leadership skills and analytical mindset. Make sure to share the test with your colleagues :)


You are a vivid social person, very active, can capture the attention of a whole group of people with your story. The colleagues love you, since it's never boring with you :) Make sure to share the test with your colleagues :)


You're the backer of the company's productive meetings. You are able to make arrangements with anyone about anything. Besides, you're brave enough to say "no" when everyone around says "yes". Make sure to share the test with your colleagues :)


You create the atmosphere in the company. Thanks to you it feels nice to be at the office during the day and one wants to come back there in the morning. Make sure to share the test with your colleagues :)