What's your kissing style quiz

2019-11-11 10:24:55
What's your kissing style quiz
Careful and soft, passionate and long, French one or just a peck on the cheek - there are so many types of kisses that it's impossible to count them all. But this quiz will help you to know more about this science and understand what the style of your kiss means!

In your opinion, the best place for kissing is -

Where no one sees us

At the party

Where it's cute

In a romantic place

How often do you kiss?

Why do we kiss in your opinion?

Yes, I don't understand it

This is the beginning of something bigger

We express feelings and emotions this way

A sign of tenderness

A perfect kiss. What is it like?

You should be calmer. There is no use of over-the-top emotions

A lot of small kisses - neck, cheek, ear

A long and passionate. In the rain - great!

A long and tender

What do you feel when kissing?

It will be embarrassing if someone sees us

I look for the nearest bed

I want to show the maximal tenderness and care

I want to arouse the same strong feelings in the partner as I have

Do you need a reason to kiss?

Yes, of course. Romantic surroundings - one couldn't think anything better than that

That's not necessary

Just a desire to show your partner your attitude

Oh, yes. Everything has to line up, and you need a proper place. And the atmosphere

Suppose you are kissing in the street. Suddenly, a passerby stops and shouts, "Heh! Look!". What will you do?

Damn, he messed up everything!

No one will notice anything

I'll escape from the crime scene asap

If he likes it so much, let him watch

You had a kiss at last on a romantic date. Will you tell your friends about it?

No, this is personal!

Of course, we'll discuss all the details

I'll tell one or two friends in details

I'll tell a couple of close friends but without details

Who does usually initiate a kiss?

In general, my partner

Only my partner

Generally, me

If I see that the person wants kissing, it's me

You with your partner go to the concert. The band starts playing your favorite romantic song. What will you do?

I'll stand and think how embarrassing it is

I recommend others to keep off, there will be a storm of emotions

We'll hold hands

We'll hug and dance

Shy, cautious kiss

You always behave very politely and delicately, sometimes you even demonstrate uncertainty or restraint. You often don't know how to start acquaintance and make a person you talk to like you, that's why you wait for a kind of signal - call to action. It can be a hint, an explicit look, something that will make you sure that your actions are right. Tell your friends about this quiz. What will be their result?

Passionate kiss

When kissing, you often hug your partner, touch his/her hair or face. This means that you're a very active person, sometimes even aggressive. You often hurry, want to get all at once and agree only for the best. If you walk persistently towards the aim and don't face repulsion, you achieve it. Tell your friends about this quiz. What will be their result?

Platonic kiss

Your style is just a kiss on the cheek. It indicates big tenderness and carefulness, the desire to be liked and make a good impression. You like taking care of others, show your love and do your best to make a person feel your affection. These qualities are great for a romantic relationship but there's a risk that it can turn into a brother-sister relationship. Tell your friends about this quiz. What will be their result?

Soft kiss

This type of kiss is designed to kindle feelings. Your hands are often over the body of your significant other, you tenderly touch each other… Psychologists state: this means that you're an emotional person who always gets involved in what is happening and ready for a very potent experience. You strive for understanding your partner to the full, get to know his/her thoughts, transfer them onto yourself. And this helps to build a strong relationship. Tell your friends about this quiz. What will be their result?