Quiz: How Much Of A Gamer Are You Actually?

Quiz: How Much Of A Gamer Are You Actually?
Do you think you're navigating in the world of video games way better than your friends? Have the characters become familiar and the plots intertwined with real life? Let's find out if you can answer all our questions and get a title of a true gamer!

Let's go back to the history of video games. What was the first MMORPG in the modern meaning of its genre?

The game was the first signs of MMO genre and was released almost 30 years ago (1991). Time flies, huh? Nowadays, the best traditions of good old 'Neverwinter Nights' can be found in WoW and Lineage 2.



Neverwinter Nights

Ultima Online

Let's talk about shooters! It's another popular genre of video games. Which game combines Quake 3 Arena and Counter-Strike 1.6?

This game is a true heir of two legends. It inherited great dynamics (along with famous rocket jumps) from Quake. Everything else has an influence of CS: traditional division into two opposing teams, bomb planting, Kalashnikov. Point Blank is so original that is had been made an eSports discipline.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Phantoms




Now, try to guess a game basing on its description. The developers took the Roman Empire as a background, added Latin names and organization (legions with legates, centurions and legionnaires). What is it?

Playing Aion you are able to create your own legion or enter the existing one. A nice diversity in the sea of notorious and humdrum clan system.

Lineage 2 Essence

Blade & Soul



The traditional system of characters consists of three classes: Warrior, Acher and Mage. However, the developers of the legendary Diablo franchise have invented 8 classes. Which class wasn't there?

Sadly, there was no room for a true master of healing in the game. When the Demon horde attacks, you don't think about such a complicated ability. However, the Monk was given chance in Diablo III.

The Amazon - good with spear-throwers and bows

The Monk - an expert in spells who doesn't need health potions

The Paladin - a true tank, master of sword and shield

The Barbarian - a warrior in disguise who can deceive the enemy using shadow

More and more attention is being paid to the game graphics. One of the projects even made graphics its specialty. What are we talking about?

Yes. The most realistic graphics can be found in this recent title. They can even compete with offline projects! Textures, animation, physics - everything is top-notch! Recently, a re-master mode has been added. A-level of work!

The Elder Scrolls Online

Black Desert

World of Warcraft

Lineage 2


Which of these MMORPG is the most difficult?

This game is ideal for everyone who prefers nostalgic atmosphere and true hardcore. Leveling up here is difficult: monsters are strong, there aren't many loots. In addition, a game offers open PvP mode where you might be killed by any other character outside the city.



World of Warcraft


Games with unusual mechanics are rare. However, this game offers temporary worlds (campaigns), each with a different set of rules. What game are we talking about?

Yes, Rising and Dying Worlds is the hallmark of the game. People with spirit of a true explorer will definitely like it. Each environment requires a player to adapt to a new landscape, size and lifetime of the world. They are always different.

R2 Online

RF Online


Eternal Kingdoms

The developers of this game decided to prevent cheating and implemented anti-bot system at the stage of game design. What game are we talking about?

Yes, L2 was the first game where bot L2Walker appeared.

World of Warcraft

Ragnarok Online

Lineage 2


What game combines a fantasy setting and sci-if elements?

Taking plasma gun in hands, hanging battle axe on the back and asking robot to back you up - everything is possible. Fans of MMORPG similar to Lineage will appreciate.

Black Desert

RF Online

Destiny 2

Ragnarok Online

We are very close to the final. Which game engine is most widely used when designing MMORPG?

Yes, most of top MMORPG projects use their own game engines. The developers want to design games that differ from already existing projects. For example, the developers of Black Desert Online were able to design the most beautiful interface and fighting system.

Unreal Engine 3




None of the above

Gamer on weekends

Seems like the only games you can play are board games. When online games become a second job for some people, you still think of them as of weekend entertainment. You will definitely like the games where you don't find a tedious process of leveling up. For example, Lineage 2 Essence. What about your friends? Share this test with them!

Confident gamer

Online games haven't turned into your second job yet. However, playing them is your favorite hobby. You spend lots of time and efforts on playing and have all the chances to become an eSports player. It's a great perspective, but you need more training! What about your friends? Share this test with them!

eSports player

Online games are more than just a hobby for you. They turned into your second job. You spend lots of time and efforts on playing and can do it for money! Your knowledge of games is just fantastic! It's very promising, but you need to train more to maintain the current level! What about your friends? Share this test with them!