What Type of Girl Is Meant for You?

What Type of Girl Is Meant for You?
Finding the perfect partner is no easy task, you must feel comfortable and happy with them, Our test will help you to define what type of girl you should pay attention to!

What's the perfect look for a girl in your opinion?

Cute, romantic

Feminine, fashionable

Sporty, bright

Sexual, different

What's the best date for you?

Watching my favorite show with tasty food

Driving through the city at night

At a karting track

At a restaurant

What do you like to talk about?

Arts, my observations

Internet memes, travels

Football, hobbies, cars

Finances, politics, events

What will you probably give your girlfriend?

A cute pet

A huge bouquet of roses

A diving certificate


Do you often go to the theatre and exhibitions?

Quite often

No, this is not my cup of tea

Very rarely

Not often, but only if I go with someone

If the girl has to move to other city because of studies/work, will you follow her?

Probably, I quickly get attached

No, rarely

Only if I could do the same job

If there are more opportunities there

What music do you prefer?

Calm - lounge, instrumental

Club music

Dynamic - rap, rock

Blues, etc.

What trait in a girl attracts you?


Sense of humor

Strength of mind


What dress would you like to see on your girlfriend?

A long, floor-length dress in calm colors

A short, shiny dress showing lots of cleavage

Let her be in a leather skirt and sneakers

In a beautiful, eye-catching, black or red dress

What do you appreciate in a most in a relationship?

Love, coziness, care

Communication, joy

Comfort, the opportunity to be myself

Stability, trust

What happens when you quarrel?

We quickly cool down and mutually apologize

Spanish passions - cries, tears, slamming doors

We keep quiet for a long time and then we forget about it

Each waits for the other to apologize

If your girlfriend offers to spend the evening together and you have already made plans with friends, what will you do?

I'll cancel the meeting and spend the evening with her

I'll go to my friends and tell her I have some business to deal with

I'll take her with me, she won't mess it up

I’ll offer her to meet at another time, explain that I already planned the evening

Are you ready to start a family?

Yes, I'm sure

No, I'm free as a bird

Don't know

Yes, but with a deserving girl

Where do you meet people?

At studies/work

At parties

At workouts

At cafes

If you're going to be away for a long time, what will you miss?

Close ones



I'll find everything I need there too

If a beautiful stranger pays attention to you and you have a girlfriend, what wiil you do?

Nothing, I'm off the market

A little bit of flirting doesn't hurt

It depends on the stranger

I'll smile politely

Does it matter to you what you friends think about your GF?

No, this is not their business

Yes, this is important

Well, we are friends after all

No, she will cast a spell on them anyway

A homebird fits you best!

A homey, timid, real girl is your perfect option. You don't have to pretend and try to be someone else with this girl. Honesty and faithfulness are the best companions of this relationship. Share the quiz result, maybe, someone from the girls you know will recognize herself in the description?)  

The ideal girl type - merry, artistic and open

Since you like to have fun you need the same quick off the mark girl next to you. Often these girls are open, like various events and have a laugh. You can find her on Instagram, at a friend's birthday party, at a nightclub. Share the quiz result, maybe, someone from the girls you know will recognize herself in the description?)

Your ideal is a war bride!

It's important for you when your girl shares your interests. War brides are self-confident, cool and adventurous. You'll scarcely get dinner from her, but there will be enough adventures! Share the quiz result, maybe, someone from the girls you know will recognize herself in the description?)

A vamp girl!

These girls act like queens and require the same royal attitude to themselves. You like to conquer and this type will often wear the mask of unattainability. But a vamp girl will appreciate your insistence and virile character! Share the quiz result, maybe, someone from the girls you know will recognize herself in the description?)